Cambridge Housing Authority
362 Green Street, 3rd Floor
Cambridge, Middlesex County, MA


Section 8 Waiting List Status: Open Indefinitely

Affordable Housing Online is tracking the status of the Cambridge Housing Authority Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List. This is what we know as of our most recent update on November 2nd, 2016.

The Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and Project-Based Voucher waiting lists are currently open. These waiting lists opened on October 3, 2016 at 10:00 am ET, and are open indefinitely.

Cambridge, MA is about 3 miles west of Boston, MA.

Please note: This waiting list has preferences. This means that applicants who qualify for these preferences will receive assistance before applicants who do not. Because of these preferences, applicants who do not qualify may have a longer wait to receive assistance.

To apply, complete the online pre-application here.

If an applicant does not have access to the Internet, they can use a friend or family member's computer/device, one at a local library, or one listed at the bottom of the page here.

Applicants who require reasonable accommodation to complete the pre-application can contact the CHA at (617) 520-6406.

The following documentation is required of all members of the household: Social Security Number, name, date of birth, income.

This waiting list has the following preferences: Cambridge resident, Cambridge shelter or transitional facility, employed in Cambridge, veteran. Further explanation of each preference can be found here.

Applicants who apply by October 31, 2016 will be placed on the waiting list by random lottery, after sorting preferences.

Applicants who apply after October 31, 2016 will be placed on the waiting list by date and time the pre-application is received, after sorting preferences.

Important note: Applicants who have been placed on the waiting list must inform the housing authority immediately if your application information changes (such as contact information, income, and household members). In the case that the office sends a notice that does not get returned, or if application information is out of date, your name may be terminated from the waiting list. Contact the housing authority to find out how to update application information.

For more information, read the CHA public notice, visit the CHA website, or call the office at (617) 864-3020.

Public Housing Waiting List Status

Affordable Housing Online is tracking the status of the Cambridge Housing Authority Public Housing Waiting Lists. This is what we know as of our most recent update July 10th, 2015.

The Cambridge Housing Authority is not accepting public housing waiting list applications at this time.

According to this news report in December 2014, the CHA expects an increase in funding and anticipates new construction and rehabilitation throughout the next five years. 

As reported by this article in July 2015, the CHA began its waiting list purge process "for the first time in years" on April 23, 2015. The result was more than 2,000 names being removed from the waiting list due to no response from the purging notice. As of July 2015, there are still more than 7,300 households currently on the waiting list after the purge. 

However, the CHA stated that persons who were taken off the waiting list after the purge can contact the office within the next six months to be placed back onto the list.

While the CHA is in the middle of a major Public Housing renovation and construction project, in which many Public Housing units are unlivable, it has made 250 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers available to households waiting on the Public Housing waiting list. As of July 9, 2015, there are still 56 Section 8 vouchers available for those on the Public Housing waiting list.

Assisted Unit Distribution What is Housing Assistance?

The Cambridge Housing Authority administers both a public housing and Section 8 housing voucher program. The housing authority owns and manages 29 projects which contain 2,400 affordable rental units. It also administers 2,823 Section 8 housing vouchers.

According to HUD, Cambridge Housing Authority is determined to be a Large public housing authority, meaning it manages between 1,250 - 9,999 public housing units. Also according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the housing authority is designated as Large, meaning it administers 1,250 - 9,999 Section 8 vouchers.

Comparing the housing assistance distribution of Cambridge Housing Authority between Public Housing Units (46%) and Section 8 Housing Vouchers (54%) to that of all housing authorities in Massachusetts, Cambridge Housing Authority has a larger proportion of public housing units than the average housing authority. The housing authority’s proportion of Section 8 vouchers under management is larger than the average housing authority in Massachusetts.

Source United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (, 2014)