Benson Housing Authority
"1000 S. Williams Drive, Benson, North Carolina 00000


Assisted Unit Distribution What is Housing Assistance?

The Benson Housing Authority administers a public housing program. The housing authority owns and manages 2 projects which contain 173 affordable rental units.

According to HUD, Benson Housing Authority is determined to be a Small public housing authority, meaning it manages between 50 - 249 public housing units.

Benson Housing Authority is among the 45% of North Carolina housing authorities that only offer public housing. Section 8 assistance in its target area is administered by another nearby housing authority.

Source United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (, 2014)

Latest Public Housing Inspection Scores What are REAC Scores?

Every public housing project is inspected every one to three years by HUD.

Benson Housing Authority manages 1 rental properties which have an average inspection score of 65. The scores for properties managed by Benson Housing Authority range from a high of 65 to a low of 65.

Benson Housing Authority manages one rental property which has an inspection score of 65. To be a passing score, a public housing property must have a score of 60 or more. Bha Properties has a passing score.
Source United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (, 2014)

Waiting List Status:

The Section 8 and Public Housing programs administered by this housing authority are often over subscribed requiring the use of a waiting list. The waiting list would typically only open for brief periods. To find out of the waiting list is open or when it may open, please contact the housing authority directly.

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Small (50 - 249)

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