Los Angeles a city in Los Angeles County, California

This city is served by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles

Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
Section 8 Waiting List Status: Closed

Affordable Housing Online is tracking the status of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List. This is what we know as of our most recent update on August 3rd, 2015

The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting list is currently closed. This waiting list was last open in January 2005. There is no notice of when it will reopen.

As of October 2011, the waiting list contained more than 10,000 families.

Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
Public Housing Waiting List Statuses

Family Senior Other

The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) is currently accepting Public Housing waiting list pre-applications for families and senior/disabled households.

The HACLA has more than 6,500 apartment units in 14 communities located throughout Los Angeles, CA.  A complete list of the housing communities is available here.

There are two ways to apply:

  1. Download and print the online pre-application. The pre-application is available in English and Spanish.
  2. Pick up a pre-application at the Housing Authority Application Center, located at 2600 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90057; or at any of the Public Housing Communities listed in the link above. Office hours are from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm PDT, Monday-Friday.
Once the pre-application has been completed, it must be mailed to the Housing Authority Application Center, located at 2600 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90057.

The HACLA has identified the following preferences:  working at least 20 hours a week, education or training, working and going to school, families whose family head or co-head are disabled or 62 and over, and otherwise income self sufficient.

For more information, visit the HACLA website, or call the HACLA at (213) 252-1020.

This city is served by the Tennessee Valley Regional Housing Authority

Tennessee Valley Regional Housing Authority
Section 8 Waiting List Status: Open Indefinitely

Affordable Housing Online is tracking the status of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List. This is what we know as of our most recent update on July 22nd, 2015

The Tennessee Valley Regional Housing Authority Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program waiting list is currently open and accepting applications.

Applications are taken in the housing authority's main office and at various locations throughout it service area each week.

The PDF of the Section 8 HCV application can found here.

Applications are only accepted during the posted schedule here.

Tennessee Valley Regional Housing Authority
Public Housing Waiting List Statuses

Family Senior Other

The Tennessee Valley Regional Housing Authority (TVRHA) is currently accepting Public Housing waiting list applications for families and senior/disabled individuals.

The TVRHA offers 12 Public Housing communities with 1,208 units for families and senior/disabled individuals.

To apply, visit the TVRHA to pick up an application, located at 1210 Proper Street, Corinth, MS, between the hours of 8:00 am until 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

Once the application has been completed, it must be hand delivered to the Public Housing property of your choice that is listed on the front of the application. Be sure to call the property before you hand deliver, there may be certain days that applications are not accepted.

Be sure to include these documents with your application: birth certificates, social security cards, proof of income, and photo IDs for all adult household members.

No preferences were noted.

For more information, the TVRHA can be reached by calling 662-286-8437 during normal office hours.

Market Overview

Los Angeles is a city in Los Angeles County, California. The population of Los Angeles, according to the 2010 Census, is 3,792,621. The total number of households in the city is 1,318,168. The average household size for Los Angeles is 2.56. The total number of renter households in the city is 814,305 which means that 61.8% of households are renter households.

Los Angeles’s Federally assisted affordable rental housing stock includes properties financed through the following programs:

Section 8 227 14,482
LIHTC 392 23,211
Section 202 40 2,620
Section 811 18 311
Total 644 42,335
Note: The total does not necessarily equal the sum of each program as some properties may participate in multiple funding programs.

The average number of units per property for affordable rentals in Los Angeles is 65.70. The largest Federally assisted affordable rental community in the city is Villa Esperanza at 761 units and the smallest is Subsidized Housing Corporation 10 at 1 unit(s). 83 apartment properties provide housing for seniors containing 7,100 units. Of the 42,335 units, units include some form of rental assistance (like Section 8) to make rent more affordable for very low income families.

Federally Assisted Units By Property

Name Total Units
1723 W. 9th Street Lp 63
Eexcel Grand Ltd. 79
Mayer Beverly Park Inc. 279
Art Snyder Villas 80
Pico Plaza Apartments 43
Clemson Corbett/ Clemson Market
Gibson Manor
Independent Square
Dana Apartments
Los Angeles Group II
Angel Guardian Home For Homeless Disabled Women With Children 12
Laveta Terrace/ Manchester
Happy Valley Apartments 20
Gilbert Lindsay 137
Sheridan West 20
Neld North Apartments 15
L.a Pro III 17
Hollywood East 20
Delta Apartments 35
Houston Homes Apartments 68
Ml Shepard Manor Apartments 90
Rio Vista Apartments 158
Rosslyn Hotel 274
University Gardens 113
Westside Manor
Maryland Heights 49
La Salle Pl Apartments 5
Pleasant Oaks II 5
Maryland Apartments 30
Subsidized Housing Corporation 10 1
Two Worlds I 96
Century Pacific Equity Corporatio 42
Wilshire Villas North 136
Cambria Apartments 40
Subsidized Housing Corporation 50 1
Las Palmas 74
Tc Apartments 19
The Brownstone Hotel 48
Hollywoodlands II 32
Subsidized Housing Corporation 45 1
Central Avenue Village Square 45
Carter House 21
728 South Berendo 40
Budlong Apartments 20
St Andrews Arms 44
Figueroa Senior Housing 66
Catholic Charities Community Development 20
Gramercy Place 13
Brandon Apartments 32
Cathay Manor 270
Subsidized Housing Corporation 82 1
Crescent Bay Company 32
Casa Berendo 20
Casa Figueroa Apartments 49
Casa Development 158
Burlington City Lights 40
Subsidized Housing Corporation 9 1
Subsidized Housing Corporation 8 1
Steel Plaza Apartments 66
Rainbow Homes 14
Rasamel Apartments 9
Holiday 101 C 123
Jewel Terraces 32
Pico Gramercy Family Hsg 49
Casa Pico Union I 44
Pleasant Hills Home 24
Subsidized Housing Corporation 122 1
Boyle Apartments 35
Hollywood Fountain North 89
Angelus Plaza 757
Los Angeles Community Design Center 26
The 740 S Olive St Reside 307
La Pro 6 127
S 73
Villa Broadway V 4
Sheridan South Villa 38
El Corazon Apartments 12
New Economics For Women 110
Redev Investors V-b 66
Watts Arms I 104
Subsidized Housing Corporation 105 1
Villa Malaga 23
Amistad Apartments 49
La Pro Xxxii Apartments 152
Magnolia City Lights 54
Subsidized Housing Corporation 124 1
Dunbar Apartments 73
Yorkshire Terrace Apartments 18
Alice Manor 60
Villa Broadway III 4
Sheridan East Villa 25
Rio Vista Village
Subsidized Housing Corporation 46 1
Subsidized Housing Corporation 89 1
Castle Argyle Apartments 97
Views At 270 56
1513 W. Pico Blvd 32
Mac Arthur Park Towers 183
Palomar Apartments 27
Westbart I 20
Westminster Park Plaza Apartments 130
Meera Town Homes 21
Hollywood East Apartments 93
Subsidized Housing Corporation 83 1
Tri-city Housing 142
Grandview Nine Apartments 62
Curtis Johnson Apartments 48
Freeway Redevelopment 121
107th St Townhomes 4
Subsidized Housing Corporation 54 1
Rohit Villas 16
Progressive Home Elderly 141
Ardmore City Lights 48
South Side Apartments 52
Los Girasoles 11
Browning Apartments 5
Wilshire Place Apartments 60
Skyline Village 73
Subsidized Housing Corporation 23 36
La Town Homes 7
Subsidized Housing Corporation 48 1
Pico Union Square II 8
Casa De Woods 20
Subsidized Housing Corporation 1 1
George McDonald Court Apartments 60
Benton Green Apartments 38
9414 S. Central No.1 3
Concerned Citizens of S. Central L.a. 40
East L A North I 71
Esperanza Community Housing Corp. 12
A Community of Friends 55
Ellendale Arms 67
S 46
Palms Court 19
Sunset City Lights 16
Picardy Apartments 36
Fedora Apartments 23
Mission Plaza 132
One Wilkins Place 18
Hubbard Street Arms 6
Bartlett Hill Manor 65
Fairfax Senior Cit Apartments 45
Subsidized Housing Corporation 44 20
St. Andrews Terrace 27
Gateways Sro Housing 30
El Pueblo Community Development Corp. 46
Vendome Apartments 43
Subsidized Housing Corporation 25 1
Mid City Apartments 70
Korean Youth Center 19
Mayur Town Homes 21
Menlo Gardens 3
Subsidized Housing Corporation 112 1
Westside Cloverdale 8
Kern Villa 49
Corridor Economic Development Corp. 29
Villa Broadway IV 4
L A Pro 30 101
Subsidized Housing Corporation 107 1
Broadway City Lights 49
Fame Arms 39
Subsidized Housing Corporation 99 1
6419 10th Ave 27
Subsidized Housing Corporation 7 1
Villa Flores 75
Hope West Apartments 17
Mt. Moriah Senior Villa 41
Royal Apts II 32
La Primavera Apartments 36
Regal Hotel 70
Nyumba Apartments 12
Subsidized Housing Corporation 115 1
Marengo Street Apartments 24
Subsidized Housing Corporation 41 1
Casa De Las Hermanitas 88
New Hampshire Arms 36
Casa Parades 10
Subsidized Housing Corporation 87 1
Grandview Homes 26
Buckingham Apartments 83
West Angeles Villas 150
Sunflower Developments 10
Subsidized Housing Corporation 51 1
Palms Manor 5
Hillside Villa Apartments 124
Villa Marisol 48
Amistad 23
Temple City Lights 34
Billy G Mills Manor 102
Santee Court - Phase One 165
Carondolet Snr Cit Apartments 46
Woodside Apartments IV 5
Casa Loma Apartments 110
Christ Unity Manor 156
Subsidized Housing Corporation 12 18
47th Street Apartments 25
Flores Apartments 26
Pico-union Housing Corp. 30
Subsidized Housing Corporation 42 1
Hobart Park Apartments 16
Hoover Apartments 23
Casa Serena Apartments 29
Ward Hotel 72
Empress Apartments 14
Metro West Village Apartments 40
Highland Village 91
1035 W 39th St Apartments 5
Pershing Hotel 65
Subsidized Housing Corporation 20 1
Griffith Gardens 39
Carlota Park Apartments 43
Burlington Arms 54
Beverly City Lights 40
Accessible Apartments No 1-los Angeles 13
Adams Senior Housing 75
Wadsworth Park Apartments 21
Genesis Hotel 33
Martel Park 72
Vista Homes 8
Angeles I 93
Hayworth Housing 2
Midwilshire Apartments 75
Bryson Family Apartments 81
Casa Wabash 14
Kilgore Manor 51
Princess Apartments 58
Wilton Wilshire Arms 73
Subsidized Housing Corporation 118 1
Western Gardens Apartments 35
Pleasant Oak Apartments III 67
Ward Villas 120
Hobart Gardens 142
Siejay Apartments 72
Subsidized Housing Corporation 39 1
Mission Village Terrace 84
La Brea Gardens 185
Irolo Apartments 32
Casa Longwood 20
Ethel Arnold Bradley Gdn 81
La Hacienda I 14
Courtland City Lights 92
Pico Union Plaza 38
Camino Al Oro 102
Hollywood Knickerbocker 282
Los Altos Apartments 67
Woodside Villas II 4
Manhatten Gardens 5
Union Ferraro Towers 200
Mary Andrews Clark Residence 152
Helms Manor 5
Rolland Curtis Apartments 48
Grand Plazas 302
Alegria Apartments 15
Bentley City Lights 36
Yankee Hotel 80
Pico Union Square I 10
108th Street Apartments 22
Witmer Apartments-la Pro VII 239
Wilshire Christ Manor 287
Subsidized Housing Corporation 47 1
West 28th Street Apartments 16
Lake Mews Dominion 140
Virginia Avenue 28
McAno.3 20
Mount Zion Towers 118
Vermont City Lights 60
Hollywood West Apartments 84
St Anne's Transition Housing 40
Parker Apartments 32
The Salvation Army Hollywood 99
Villa Wilton 18
Subsidized Housing Corporation 120 1
Wilshire City Lights 21
Villa St. Andrews 14
Broadway Village I Apartments 16
Subsidized Housing Corporation 117 1
Senderos 12
Alvarado Gardens 60
Subsidized Housing Corporation 43 1
80th Street Apartments 16
97th St Townhomes 5
Broadway Vistas 21
Aliso Village - Phase I 201
Villa Metropolitiano 53
Carlton Apartments 24
Senator Hotel 99
Villa De La Esperanza 87
Pico Wooster Sr Ctz Hsng 50
Stevenson Manor 61
Neld North Apartments 89
Monterey Terrace 40
Normandie V Apartments 5
San Lucas Senior Housing 196
Subsidized Housing Corporation 85 1
Casanova Gardens 27
Normandie Village 16
Hancock Gardens Apartments 66
Albert J. Shaheen And Edmond T. Shehab 10
Lucas Studios Project 218
Fox Normandie Apartments 48
Witmer City Lights 16
Sycamore Park Apartments 59
Subsidized Housing Corporation 125 1
Westminster Park Plaza Apartments 130
New Terminal Hotel 40
Subsidized Housing Corporation 81 1
Subsidized Housing Corporation 40 1
Lime House 34
Hale-morris-lewis Senior Manor 41
Subsidized Housing Corporation 116 20
Skid Row Housing Trust 60
Minami Apartments 71
Far East Building 16
Leonard Stovall 97
L.a.pro II 135
Villa Esperanza 33
Hollywood Parkview 32
4056 S Vermont Ave # 4100 43
Subsidized Housing Corporation 121 1
Elysian City Lights 21
Subsidized Housing Corporation 3 1
Hollywood Fountain South 73
Mariposa Manor 70
Pico Union Villa 115
12517 Willowbrook Ave 6
Figueroa Court Apartments 40
Two Worlds II 60
Grandview City Lights 32
Subsidized Housing Corporation 5 1
Dudley Oaks 20
2615 West Blvd Apartments 10
Allesandro Street Apartments 18
Vermont Slauson Economic Dev Corp. 20
Apperson Street Apartments 5
Glad Project 14
South Central Sites 37
Subsidized Housing Corporation 109 1
Halifax Apartments 46
Jefferson Townhomes 30
Vendome Courts 50
Professional Hsg 84
Sheraton Town House 142
Angelus Inn 31
Echo Park Senior Housing 41
Urban Rehab No.1 60
S. Norton Avenue 20
Ellis Hotel 56
Cunningham Village 34
Tides Senior Apartments 36
Las Palomas Apartments 47
Tres Palmas 19
Subsidized Housing Corporation 114 1
Randolph Gardens 4
9418 S. Central No.1 3
Subsidized Housing Corporation 90 1
Emerald Park 21
Hollywood Western Apartments 60
Innes Heights Apartments 19
Wilcox Apartments 23
Robert Farrell Manor 35
Subsidized Housing Corporation 86 1
New Hampshire Apartments 6
Juanita Apartments 5
10th Ave Town Homes 5
La Villa Hermosa 60
Gwen Bolden Manor 24
Finley Square 18
Harbor City Lights 56
St. Andrews Gardens-2 192
University Park Properties 20
El Centro Loretto Apartments 76
Lincoln Hotel 41
Subsidized Housing Corporation 53 1
Dorie Miller Manor 36
Hoover Seniors 38
Normandie Senior Housing 75
Subsidized Housing Corporation 123 1
Ajit Development 44
Miramar City Lights 49
Harvard Gardens 35
Angelus Plaza II 332
Vista Nueva 30
Angelina Apartments 81
Normandie Apartments 40
Pico Union Housing Corporation 48
Miyako Garden Apartments 100
Sonya Gardens 60
Camilla Apartments 40
Subsidized Housing Corporation 113 1
Las Torres 105
Los Angeles Gardens 101
Louise Apartments 24
Hdr Fund 1 Apartments 76
1309 Second Avenue Apartments 20
Subsidized Housing Corporation 4 20
L.a. Pro I 124
Cesar Chavez Gardens 47
Subsidized Housing Corporation 11 1
Duane Heights 14
Mirada Terrace Apartments 30
Subsidized Housing Corporation 108 1
Adams City Lights 31
Bixel House 77
Garland City Lights 72
Figueroa Gardens Apartments 88
Kernwood Terrace 51
39th Street Apartments 12
Hollywood Gardens 62
Queen Apartments 96
Willow Brook Villa 85
Clark Seniors Apartments 41
St. Andrews 13
Subsidized Housing Corporation 21 1
Hollywoodland Gower Apartments 83
Pilgrim Tower 111
Subsidized Housing Corporation 84 1
Holiday 101 A 121
Florence Avenue Villa 20
Alegria 45
Don Carlos Apartments 30
Nparkview Apartments 198
Dewey Hotel 43
1625 St. Andrews Building 19
Baldwin Village Scattered Sites 83
Waterloo Heights Apartments 18
Freeman Villa 41
Arlington-rodeo Properties Inc. 29
Main Street New Hope Courtyard 25
1341 W 37th Pl Apartments 5
Haven 501 50
Prentice Apartments 45
Subsidized Housing Corporation 59 1
Woodside Villas III 31
Gramercy Place Apartments 18
Royal Apartments I 82
Hdr Fund II Apartments 49
Arirang Housing 71
Casa Pico Union II 30
Diane Apartments 61
Happy Valley City Lights 70
Sycamore Village 30
Subsidized Housing Corporation 6 1
Columbia Apartments 127
Adams Blvd Apartments 12
Villa Broadway I 4
Palmer House 67
Palm Village 30
Van Ness Terrace 16
Baldwin Hills Apartments 58
New Hope Senior Villa 47
Sheridan Manor IV 48
Avalon Terrace Nicolet 38
Primrose Terrace Apartments 20
Pleasant Oaks I 5
Masselin Sr 28
39 West Apartments 34
Fairmount Terrace II 100
Casa Verde Apartments 30
Macarthur Park Towers 183
Hollywoodlands IV 16
Grand 62
Don Tomaso 5
E. Victor Villa 46
Holiday 101 B 117
Subsidized Housiing Corporation 119 1
Witmer/columbia Place 43
Holiday 102 90
Wogo 2 118
Fairmount Terrace I 109
Tres Lomas Gardens 46
Woodside Villas I 4
New Hampshire Apartments 70
Preservation II 109
Castelar Apartments 101
Coronado Villas 5
Subsidized Housing Corporation 52 1
Sheridan West Villa 49
Appleton Apartments 48
Rivers Hotel 76
Jack Plimpton New Hope Apartments 15
Hobart Terrace 16
Little Tokyo Towers 301
Hope Village 67
Kenmore Apartments 21
Watts Arms II 40
Main Street Housing Lp 30
Urban Rehab II 48
Courtland Hotel 97
Miramar Towers 156
Community Resources 11
Wills Manor 7
Villa Broadway II 4
Southern Hotel 55
Subsidized Housing Corporation 111 1
Madison Sr 70
Sheridan Manor X 55
Harvard Glenmary 216
Oxford Park 109
Subsidized Housing Corporation 78 1
Subsidized Housing Corporation 49 1
Tolton Court 10
Cannon Apartments 35
Haven 502 105
Miramar Manor 49
Subsidized Housing Corporation 76 1
Royal Apartments II 32
Marion Hotel 44
Imogene Housing 16
Casa Guadalupe 22
The Salvation Army Westwood Transitional Village 40
Hollywoodlands III 19
Wilshire Courtyard 102
Hidden Haven 5
Leland Courts 70
Produce Hotel 95
Venice Community Housing Corp. 30
Wadsworth Apartments 36
Subsidized Housing Corporation 77 1
Wattswood Relocation 54
Olympic Plaza Sr Hsg 88
Vista Tower 230
Gateway City Lights 72
Court Street Apartments 24
3715 W. 1st St 55
Swansea Park Apartments 38
St. George Hotel 88
Otero Apartments 7
Casa Griffin Apartments 40
Westington 13
Midcities 59
New Hope Ctyrd Los Angeles 15
Angeles II 109
La Hacienda II 10
Subsidized Housing Corporation 98 1
Aloha Apartments 74
Project Homelife 3
Leeward Apartments 257
Jessie L Terry Manor 170
South Bay Villa 80
Van Nuys Apartments 299
Baldwin Villa Plaza 202
Casa Telacu 74
St. Nicholas Cedars Manor 26
Beth Am Manor 49
Faith Housing New Hope Apartments 25
Redevelopment Investors V 66
Telacu Pico Aliso 74
Telacu Plaza 40
Telacu Pointe 84
Normandie Villas 25
Silverlake 88
Sunset-normandie Towers 148
Telacu Vistas Del Sol 99
Westside Jewish Center Apartments 103
† This Property is Federally Assisted though Unit Counts are not available from HUD.

Rental Assistance for Tenants in Los Angeles

Rental assistance is a type of housing subsidy that pays for a portion of a renter’s monthly housing costs, including rent and tenant paid utilities. This housing assistance can come in the form of Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, project-based Section 8 contracts, public housing, USDA Rental Assistance (in Section 515 properties) as well as HUD Section 202 and 811 properties.

In Los Angeles, there are 267 affordable housing properties providing rental assistance to very low income households. In addition, Tennessee Valley Regional Housing Authority provides 1,557 Section 8 rental vouchers in Los Angeles.

To qualify for most rental assistance programs a renter must earn no more than 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI). In some cases, rental assistance is reserved for renters earning 30% or less of the AMI. In Los Angeles, to qualify for Section 8 assistance, a renter household containing four persons must earn $43,400 or less. For some targeted rental assistance programs, a renter household of four can’t earn more than $26,050.

It’s important to remember that in many rental assistance programs there are minimum rent regulations requiring assistance recipients to make a minimum payment of between $25 and $50 per month no matter how low their income.

HUD Assistance Income Limits


Income Limits

All affordable housing programs provided by or through the government have maximum income limits to qualify for assistance. These income limits are typically derived from the Area Median Income (AMI), the theoretical family income of the average household in a given geography.

The AMI is updated each year for each geographical area taking into consideration numerous economic indicators. The geographical areas used for establishing the AMI are either Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA’s) or counties.

Los Angeles is in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA MSA. The 2016 Area Median Income for a family of four in Los Angeles is $62,400.

The income limits used for Section 8, public housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credits. the HOME program and other Federal programs all are derived from the HUD defined AMI.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Income Limits


Fair Market Rents (FMR)

HUD establishes a Fair Market Rent each year for each Metropolitan Statistical Area in the country. This rent standard is used to establish Payment Standards for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, maximum rents in HOME financed rental projects and initial rents for Section 8 project based assistance. HUD establishes FMR’s for 530 MSA’s and 2,045 counties nationwide each fiscal year.

The FMR is largely a statistical derivative of the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) 5 year estimates for 2 bedroom median rent.

Calculating the maximum allowable rents under various subsidy programs is complex and each program has slightly different rules. In the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and Project Based Assistance programs, maximum rents a landlord may charge include any tenant paid utility costs.

This utility allowance includes all necessary utilities like water/sewer, trash, heat, electricity or gas. Cable television, telephone, Internet and other non-essential utilities are excluded from this allowance.

In Project Based Section 8 properties, the owner sets the utility allowance after conducting a utility cost analysis. The amount of the allowance is reviewed and approved by HUD. The utility allowance is different for each size dwelling unit.

In the Housing Choice Voucher program, utility allowances are set by the Public Housing Authority (PHA) that administers the program. The PHA sets the allowance based on reasonable utility costs for similar types and sizes of housing units to the unit the voucher holder is renting.

In Section 8 Project Based apartment communities, the maximum rent a tenant may pay is set by the landlord and approved by HUD each year. Initially, the rent charged by the apartment property is limited to the FMR for the area. In some instances, HUD may approve an initial rent of up to 120% of the FMR for the area. Owners may request and HUD may approve annual contract rent increases based on an Annual Adjustment Factor (AAF) determined by local housing and utility costs changes Though contract rents are seldom exactly the same amount as the Fair Market Rent for the area and each Project Based apartment property will have its own contract rent, the FMR can be used as an approximate guide of what maximum contract rents might be.

The amount a Section 8 Project Based tenant will pay is 30% of their adjusted income.

In the Housing Choice Voucher program, the maximum amount the housing authority will pay a landlord is established each year for similar types and sizes of units and is called a Payment Standard. Each housing authority sets its own Payment Standard and usually sets the amount at between 90% and 110% of the Fair Market Rent for the area.

The amount a voucher holder pays for rent, often referred to as a Tenant Contribution, is equal to 30% of their income. If the rental the tenant selects has rent higher than the housing authority Payment Standard, a tenant may pay up to 40% of their income to make up the difference. At least initially, the tenant would not be allowed to pay more than 40% of their income and would have to find a different rental that has a qualifying rent amount.

In Los Angeles, under the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles might pay a landlord with a two bedroom apartment to rent about $1,545 minus the utility allowance. Likewise, a renter in Los Angeles with a Section 8 voucher looking to rent a 3 bedroom apartment must find a rental that rents for about $2,079 per month (including the utility allowance). Any amount more than that, the voucher holder could pay the difference as long as they aren’t paying more than 40% of their income. (Note: These rent amounts are approximate since the housing authority’s Payment Standard is likely to be slightly different than HUD’s published FMR. These FMR’s should only be used as a guide. Check with the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles for their actual HCV Payment Standard.)

2017 Fair Market Rents

$988 $1,195 $1,545 $2,079 $2,303

Fair Market Rent Percentage Change Since 1988

The affordable housing industry has long used the FMR as barometer for local rents. Though the geographic areas FMR’s are based on are broad and there are often wide variations in neighborhood rents throughout an MSA, in general, the FMR is one of the best quick tools one can use to judge housing costs in a place.

We took a look at historic FMR’s in Los Angeles and found that they have risen an average of 3.04% year over year. The first year in our sample is 1985 when the two bedroom FMR was $567. That same 2 bedroom apartment rent had increased to $1421 by 2013. In 2003 the two bedroom FMR in Los Angeles saw it’s largest single year increase going up by 17.5%.

It’s also interesting to look at the FMR compared to the Consumer Price Index’s housing index to understand how Los Angeles rents have fluctuated in comparison to the rest of the Nation. The consumer price index grew an average of -0.89% year over year. The two bedroom FMR in Los Angeles has grown faster than the CPI indicating faster than average rent growth in the market.

The largest single year of 2 bedroom FMR growth was in 2003 at 17.5% while the smallest year of growth was 1998 with a 13.7% decrease.




Average Household Size


Total Renters


Renter Households


Total Households

High Renter
(98th percentile)

Renters or Owners


% of Renter Households


Median Rent


Median Family Income


Renters Overburdened


Households in 60-80% AMI Range


Federally Assisted Units


Federally Assisted Projects


Tax Credit Projects/Units


Section 8 Projects/Units


Section 202 Projects/Units


Section 811 Projects/Units


Senior Projects/Units


Average Units Per Property


Gross Rent Paid By All Renters


Renters with No Vehicle


Renters Below Poverty Level


Renters Who Taxi, Bike, or Walk to Work


Renters Who Use Public Transit to Work


Renters With Children


Vacant Units For Rent


Vacancy Rate


Units With Utilities Included In Rent