Rental Housing In New Hampshire

Section 8 HCV Waiting List Status: Open

The New Hampshire Housing Finance Agency has opened the waiting list for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program; no closing date has been identified.


When you have completed and accurately filled out your application, submit and return it to New Hampshire Housing at the address listed here:
   P.O. Box 5087
   Manchester, NH 03108

If you wish for the housing authority to send you an application in the mail, please fill out this online form:

You will receive a confirmation letter stating the approximate length of time before you will be able to receive assistance. If you do not receive that letter in two weeks, please call the housing authority office at 1-800-439-7247, ext. 9266.

NOTE: If you do not update your address with the housing authority if you move, they will be unable to contact you when vouchers become available. Be sure to keep a current address on file so the housing authority can contact you for the yearly waiting list update or when vouchers become available. The estimated waiting time for a voucher is based on the number of people on the waiting list, the availability of vouchers and an applicant's preference status. For a majority of applicants, this could mean an estimated waiting time of 6-8 years before your name reaches the top of the list. This is just an estimate. The actual wait time could be longer or shorter.

  • A member of the household has a terminal illness (death will result within 24 months as verified by a physician).
  • Applicant or other household members are eligible for services through the Choices for Independence Program (CFI), formerly HCBC or HC-ABD, HD-CSD or HC-DD programs. 
  • Applicant or other household members are rent burdened or at risk of becoming homeless: (1) You/member pay more than half of gross income toward rent, or (2) You/member live in a shelter and lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence or primary night time residence, or (3) You/member live with friends or relatives. Your name is not on the lease. If you were not in this current living arrangement, you would otherwise be homeless, or (4) You/members am/are temporarily living in a substandard living situation; i.e., campground or other temporary placement. 
  • Agency Referral Preferences: (1) Eligible for a Transitional Housing voucher through Newstart, FIT or The Way Home; (2) You/household member am/we are eligible for a DHHS transitional voucher as a person with disabilities transitioning from a psychiatric hospital and I am in a program receiving case management services through DHHS. (3) ACCESS Transition program: For individuals transitioning from: a nursing home, assisted living, residential care, community residence, or congregate housing and under 62 and disabled, and want to transition to a more independent setting. 
  • Other: (1) Non-elderly disabled: The head of household is under age 62 and a person with disabilities. (2) Mainstream Program: The head of the household, spouse or sole member is a person with disabilities.
  • Optional: Applicant's goal to be self-sufficient; therefore, applicant would like to be placed on a sub-list for the Family Self-Sufficiency program which will assist you in reaching that goal. 
All applications received will be sorted by preference and then placed on waiting list by date and time of application submission.

New Hampshire Rental Overview

The population of New Hampshire, according to the 2010 Census, is 1,316,470. The total number of households in the state is 518,973. The average household size for New Hampshire is . The total number of renter households in the state is 150,657 which means that 29.03% of households are renter households. Compared to all other U.S. States, New Hampshire is ranked 46th in percentage of renters. District Of Columbia is ranked first with 57.99% and West Virginia ranks last with only 26.55%.

According to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the median rent paid among all renter households and housing types and sizes in New Hampshire is $980 per month. Ranked against all other states in the country, New Hampshire ranks 13th for the highest median rent. Hawaii ranks first at $1,387 and West Virginia ranks last at $618. Though rents are set more locally, statewide median rents provide a basic outlook of housing costs for each state.

The number of vacant rental units in New Hampshire is 8,180 representing a vacancy rate of 5.1%. Among all U.S. states, New Hampshire ranks 3rd for the lowest vacancy rates. New York ranks first with a vacancy rate of 4.5% and South Carolina ranks last with a vacancy rate of 12.9%. As lower vacancy rates are an indication of a healthier rental housing portfolio, New Hampshire’s rental housing portfolio is performing well above the National average.

Project Based Section 8 145 5,720
Section 202 66 1,799
Section 811 4 22
Section 515 86 2,618
RDRA 81 2,116
LIHTC 155 5,661
Senior 126 3,864
Public Housing 200 26,500
Section 8 Voucher 20 10,049
Total 389 15,351
Note: The total does not necessarily equal the sum of each program as some properties may participate in multiple funding programs.

‡This program is not project based, instead Housing Authorities provide vouchers to individual renters. In the state of New Hampshire there are 20 independent Housing Authorities that may issue these vouchers.

The average number of units per property for affordable rentals in New Hampshire is 39.50. The largest market for federally assisted housing in the state is Manchester at 2,467 units and the smallest is Londonderry at 2 unit(s). 126 apartment properties provide housing for seniors containing 3,864 units. Of the 15,351 units, 32,787 units include some form of rental assistance (like Section 8) to make rent more affordable for very low income families.

Affordable Housing by Counties in New Hampshire ranked by federally assisted units

There are 10 counties or county equivalents in New Hampshire. The county or county equivalent with the largest population is Hillsborough County at 400,721 and the smallest is Coos County at 33,055. The county or county equivalent with the largest percentage of renter households is Strafford County at 33.67% and The county or county equivalent with lowest portion of renters is Carroll County at 20.84%.

The density of Federal housing assistance at the county level in New Hampshire ranges from a low of 93.5 units per 1,000 renter households in Rockingham County to a high of 260 units per 1,000 renter households in Coos County. The average Federal housing assistance density for all counties in New Hampshire is 166.4 units per 1,000 renter households.

The table below summarizes the Federally assisted housing located in each county in New Hampshire. All major affordable housing programs are provided on a county by county basis. Click on the name of the county to see a more in depth summary of affordable housing in that county.

CountyTotal Units
Hillsborough County 4,917
Merrimack County 2,028
Rockingham County 1,747
Strafford County 1,339
Grafton County 1,210
Cheshire County 1,147
Belknap County 976
Sullivan County 720
Coos County 698
Carroll County 438

Affordable Housing by City in New Hampshire ranked by federally assisted units

We are tracking 119 cities in New Hampshire that have at least one Federally assisted housing community. With a population of 1,316,470, Epsom has the largest population of these cities. There are 1 Federally assisted housing communities in Epsom which are home to about 50 families, most of which are lower income families.

The table below provides a summary of all Federally assisted housing communities by city in New Hampshire. All the major affordable housing funding program breakdowns are provided. Click on the city name to get a full affordable rental housing report for each city in New Hampshire.

CityTotal Units
Manchester 2,467
Nashua 1,493
Concord 701
Portsmouth 645
Dover 509
Derry 489
Laconia 479
Keene 451
Claremont 432
Rochester 392
Franklin 269
Littleton 262
Berlin 246
Somersworth 229
Newport 188
Plymouth 186
Hooksett 176
Milford 164
Belmont 145
Meredith 139
West Lebanon 138
Pembroke 135
Hampton 133
Charlestown 132
Winchester 130
Swanzey 128
Hanover 123
Farmington 121
Bow 116
Jaffrey 111
Bristol 111
North Conway 111
Colebrook 106
Tilton 105
Penacook 101
Allenstown 96
Ashland 92
Hinsdale 85
Newmarket 84
Gilford 82
Merrimack 80
Henniker 80
Peterborough 80
Wolfeboro 77
Lebanon 77
Durham 76
Conway 75
Pelham 72
Lancaster 71
Troy 71
Boscawen 71
Greenville 71
Gorham 68
Goffstown 66
Hudson 64
Pittsfield 64
Whitefield 60
Epping 56
Bedford 52
Antrim 51
Kingston 50
Epsom 50
W Franklin 48
Wakefield 48
Woodsville 47
Walpole 45
Newton 45
Hillsboro 44
Amherst 42
Litchfield 40
Groveton 40
West Stewartstown 40
Exeter 38
Swanzy 36
Campton 36
Northfield 36
Lincoln 35
Loudon 33
Wilton 33
New London 32
Salem 32
Northwood 31
Marlborough 30
Contoocook 30
Hopkinton 30
Lisbon 29
North Stratford 26
Bethlehem 26
Alton 26
Atkinson 26
Peterbrough 26
Greenfield 24
Pittsburg 24
Plaistow 24
Hillsborough 24
Canaan 24
Tamworth 24
Raymond 24
Hollis 24
Hampstead 24
North Swanzey 24
Enfield 24
Center Ossipee 24
Windham 24
Ossipee 24
West Peterborough 24
Deerfield 20
Alstead 20
Hill 19
Sanbornville 18
Canterbury 16
North Walpole 16
Chocorua 15
Rollinsford 12
Moultonborough 12
Northumberland 10
Center Sandwich 10
Stark 7
Londonderry 2

Housing Authorities in New Hampshire ranked by assisted units and vouchers

Housing authorities are governmental (or quasi-governmental) entities that manage various Federal housing assistance programs on behalf of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These programs include Public Housing, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers and other programs.

There are 20 housing authorities in New Hampshire. These housing authorities own and operate an aggregate of public housing units and administer Section 8 rental vouchers. Of the 20 housing authorities, 70% have both a public housing and Section 8 program.

The largest housing authority in New Hampshire by total housing assistance units managed is New Hampshire Housing Finance Agency with 3,606 public housing units under management (0 public housing units and 3,606 Section 8 vouchers).

The table below provides a list of housing authorities in New Hampshire and includes each housing authorities public housing and Section 8 voucher count. Click on the housing authority name to get more details on the housing authority.

NamePublic Housing UnitsSection 8 Vouchers
New Hampshire Housing Finance Agency - 3,606
Manchester Housing & Redevelopment Authority 1,169 2,017
Nashua Housing Authority 662 853
Portsmouth Housing Authority 419 406
Dover Housing Authority 458 347
Keene Housing - 737
Laconia Housing Authority 98 407
Concord Housing & Redevelopment 262 224
Rochester Housing Authority 232 182
Somersworth Housing Authority 169 183
Berlin Housing Authority 55 285
Lebanon Housing Authority 166 163
Exeter Housing Authority 107 169
Claremont Housing Authority 96 140
Housing Authority of the Town of Salem 158 -
Newmarket Housing Authority 50 72
Derry Housing & Redevelopment Authority - 100
Harbor Homes, Inc. - 75
Lancaster Housing Authority - 68
Northumberland Housing Authority - 15

Federally Assisted Affordable Rental Housing

According to our affordable housing data, New Hampshire has a total of 389 rental properties that receive at least one form of Federal housing assistance and are at least partially reserved for low income persons. These properties contain an estimated 15,351 rental housing units. (Note: Some of the Federal source data we use does not include total unit count for a property -- most notably the LIHTC database -- so the number of units listed here may be less than the actual.)

The Public Housing Program is the largest assistance program by unit count. The program assists 26,500 in New Hampshire. The charts below lay out how each Federal program impact affordable housing in New Hampshire.

Federal Programs By Unit Count Hover over a bar to view


Median Rent


Gross Rent Paid By All Renters


Vacant Units For Rent


Vacancy Rate


Federally Assisted Units


Federally Assisted Projects


Tax Credit Projects/Units


Project Based Section 8 Projects/Units


Section 515 Projects/Units


Section 202 Projects/Units


Section 811 Projects/Units


RD Rental Assisted Projects/Units


Senior Projects/Units


Units with Project Based Rent Subsidy


Average Units Per Property