Rental Housing In North Dakota

North Dakota Rental Overview

The population of North Dakota, according to the 2010 Census, is 672,591. The total number of households in the state is 281,192. The average household size for North Dakota is 2.26. The total number of renter households in the state is 97,249 which means that 34.58% of households are renter households. Compared to all other U.S. States, North Dakota is ranked 13th in percentage of renters. District Of Columbia is ranked first with 57.99% and West Virginia ranks last with only 26.55%.

According to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the median rent paid among all renter households and housing types and sizes in North Dakota is $664 per month. Ranked against all other states in the country, North Dakota ranks 50th for the highest median rent. Hawaii ranks first at $1,387 and West Virginia ranks last at $618. Though rents are set more locally, statewide median rents provide a basic outlook of housing costs for each state.

The number of vacant rental units in North Dakota is 5,771 representing a vacancy rate of 5.4%. Among all U.S. states, North Dakota ranks 9th for the lowest vacancy rates. New York ranks first with a vacancy rate of 4.5% and South Carolina ranks last with a vacancy rate of 12.9%. As lower vacancy rates are an indication of a healthier rental housing portfolio, North Dakota’s rental housing portfolio is performing well above the National average.

Project Based Section 8 112 3,106
Section 202 11 274
Section 811 11 134
Section 515 113 1,944
RDRA 96 1,402
LIHTC 58 1,688
Senior 44 987
Public Housing 13 869
Section 8 Voucher 36 8,218
Total 255 6,342
Note: The total does not necessarily equal the sum of each program as some properties may participate in multiple funding programs.

‡This program is not project based, instead Housing Authorities provide vouchers to individual renters. In the state of North Dakota there are 36 independent Housing Authorities that may issue these vouchers.

The average number of units per property for affordable rentals in North Dakota is 24.90. The largest market for federally assisted housing in the state is Fargo at 795 units and the smallest is Flaxton at 4 unit(s). 44 apartment properties provide housing for seniors containing 987 units. Of the 6,342 units, 1,902 units include some form of rental assistance (like Section 8) to make rent more affordable for very low income families.

Affordable Housing by Counties in North Dakota ranked by federally assisted units

There are 50 counties or county equivalents in North Dakota. The county or county equivalent with the largest population is Cass County at 149,778 and the smallest is McKenzie County at . The county or county equivalent with the largest percentage of renter households is Sioux County at 58.03% and The county or county equivalent with lowest portion of renters is Dunn County at 0%.

The density of Federal housing assistance at the county level in North Dakota ranges from a low of 0 units per 1,000 renter households in McKenzie County to a high of 634.7 units per 1,000 renter households in McIntosh County. The average Federal housing assistance density for all counties in North Dakota is 168 units per 1,000 renter households.

The table below summarizes the Federally assisted housing located in each county in North Dakota. All major affordable housing programs are provided on a county by county basis. Click on the name of the county to see a more in depth summary of affordable housing in that county.

CountyTotal Units
Cass County 949
Grand Forks County 748
Burleigh County 558
Richland County 458
Stark County 410
Ward County 404
Ramsey County 333
Stutsman County 297
Walsh County 178
Williams County 172
Barnes County 161
Dickey County 138
Traill County 100
Wells County 98
Rolette County 87
Ransom County 84
Sargent County 82
McHenry County 78
Bottineau County 72
Emmons County 68
Benson County 63
Mountrail County 63
Bowman County 54
McLean County 53
Mercer County 52
Golden Valley County 49
Pierce County 48
McIntosh County 45
Morton County 45
Divide County 40
Nelson County 36
LaMoure County 36
Griggs County 35
Cavalier County 32
Foster County 32
Hettinger County 28
Kidder County 26
Adams County 24
Sheridan County 24
Grant County 22
McKenzie County 20
Sioux County 18
Burke County 12
Logan County 12
Eddy County 8
Towner County 8
Steele County 8
Renville County 7
Pembina County 6
Dunn County -

Affordable Housing by City in North Dakota ranked by federally assisted units

We are tracking 105 cities in North Dakota that have at least one Federally assisted housing community. With a population of 672,591, Oaks has the largest population of these cities. There are 2 Federally assisted housing communities in Oaks which are home to about 28 families, most of which are lower income families.

The table below provides a summary of all Federally assisted housing communities by city in North Dakota. All the major affordable housing funding program breakdowns are provided. Click on the city name to get a full affordable rental housing report for each city in North Dakota.

CityTotal Units
Fargo 795
Grand Forks 706
Bismarck 550
Dickinson 410
Minot 348
Wahpeton 343
Devils Lake 333
Jamestown 283
Williston 172
Valley City 153
Grafton 142
Harvey 93
Ellendale 90
West Fargo 80
Hillsboro 54
Bowman 54
Lisbon 52
Linton 52
Lidgerwood 51
Beach 49
Rugby 48
Rolla 47
Parshall 47
Kenmare 46
Bottineau 46
Wishek 45
Mandan 45
Beulah 43
Crosby 40
Towner 40
Park River 36
Larimore 34
Langdon 32
Forman 30
Hankinson 28
Oaks 28
Enderlin 26
Gwinner 26
Mcville 24
Hettinger 24
Carrington 24
Dunseith 24
Wilton 24
Leeds 24
Mcclusky 24
Mott 24
Mayville 24
Westhope 22
Maddock 21
Oakes 20
Velva 20
Steele 20
Washburn 18
Casselton 18
Fort Yates 18
Fort Totten 18
Binford 16
Stanley 16
St John 16
Fairmount 16
Edgeley 16
Page 16
Tower City 16
Rutland 14
Hatton 12
Napoleon 12
Strasburg 12
Elgin 12
Tolna 12
Kulm 12
Turtle Lake 11
Burlington 10
Portland 10
Carson 10
Drake 10
Hazen 9
Anamoose 8
Finley 8
Kindred 8
Leonard 8
Wing 8
Litchville 8
Buffalo 8
Milnor 8
Rocklake 8
New Rockford 8
Jud 8
Thompson 8
Wyndmere 8
Glenfield 8
Abercrombie 8
Woodworth 8
Bowbells 8
Glenburn 7
Fort Ransom 6
Streeter 6
Tuttle 6
Mountain 6
Bowdon 5
Flaxton 4
Hazelton 4
Willow City 4
New England 4
Hannaford 4
Cogswell 4

Housing Authorities in North Dakota ranked by assisted units and vouchers

Housing authorities are governmental (or quasi-governmental) entities that manage various Federal housing assistance programs on behalf of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These programs include Public Housing, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers and other programs.

There are 36 housing authorities in North Dakota. These housing authorities own and operate an aggregate of public housing units and administer Section 8 rental vouchers. Of the 36 housing authorities, 38.9% have both a public housing and Section 8 program.

The largest housing authority in North Dakota by total housing assistance units managed is Fargo Housing & Redevelopment Authority with 1,853 public housing units under management (574 public housing units and 1,279 Section 8 vouchers).

The table below provides a list of housing authorities in North Dakota and includes each housing authorities public housing and Section 8 voucher count. Click on the housing authority name to get more details on the housing authority.

NamePublic Housing UnitsSection 8 Vouchers
Fargo Housing & Redevelopment Authority 574 1,279
Burleigh County Housing Authority 291 1,074
Grand Forks Housing Authority - 1,265
Minot Housing Authority 260 867
Morton County Housing Authority - 648
Housing Authority of Cass County 195 379
Housing Authority of Stutsman County, ND - 506
Stark County Housing Authority - 335
Ramsey County Housing Authority 87 183
North Dakota Housing & Finance Agency - 216
Barnes County Housing Authority 50 163
Housing Authority of the City of Williston 126 81
Pembina County Housing Authority - 178
Rolette County Housing Authority 59 64
Richland County Housing Authority - 108
Walsh County Housing Authority - 95
Housing Authority of Mountrail County - 74
Traill County Housing Authority 28 39
Housing Authority of Foster County - 60
Mercer County Housing Authority 40 17
McHenry/Pierce County Housing Authority - 57
Eddy County Housing Authority - 55
Housing Authority of the County of Ransom - 55
Dickey/Sargent Counties - 53
Housing Authority of the City of Cooperstown - 52
Cavalier County Housing Authority - 50
Dunn County Housing Authority - 49
McIntosh County Housing Authority 8 41
Towner County Housing Authority 27 20
Northwest Regional Housing Authority - 46
Benson County Housing Authority 25 16
McKenzie County Housing Authority - 33
Lamoure County Housing Authority - 31
Housing Authority of the County of Wells - 25
Nelson County Housing Authority 25 -
Emmons County Housing Authority 15 4

Federally Assisted Affordable Rental Housing

According to our affordable housing data, North Dakota has a total of 255 rental properties that receive at least one form of Federal housing assistance and are at least partially reserved for low income persons. These properties contain an estimated 6,342 rental housing units. (Note: Some of the Federal source data we use does not include total unit count for a property -- most notably the LIHTC database -- so the number of units listed here may be less than the actual.)

The Project Based Section 8 Program is the largest assistance program by unit count. The program assists 3,106 in North Dakota.




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