Houston a city in Harris County, Texas

This city is served by the Houston Housing Authority

Section 8 HCV Waiting List Status: Closed

The Houston Housing Authority Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List is currently closed.

It was last open during the week of August 20-26, 2012. Over 83,000 families applied for the waiting list.  

The Houston Housing Authority added 20,000 of them to the list.  In their 2010 annual plan they said annual voucher turnover was a little more than 8,000 vouchers per year meaning that they could possibly get through the list in a  few years.

Did you know that you can apply for Section 8 anywhere in the country? If your local Section 8 waiting list is closed, you can apply to programs elsewhere. See all open waiting lists across the country on our Waiting Lists page.

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Market Overview

Houston is a city in Harris County, Texas. The population of Houston, according to the 2010 Census, is 0. The total number of households in the city is 0. The average household size for Houston is . The total number of renter households in the city is 427,407 which means that 54.6% of households are renter households.

Houston’s Federally assisted affordable rental housing stock includes properties financed through the following programs:

Section 8 43 6,392
LIHTC 156 27,356
Section 202 34 2,422
Section 811 7 178
Public Housing 13 1,141
Total 219 36,320
Note: The total does not necessarily equal the sum of each program as some properties may participate in multiple funding programs.

The average number of units per property for affordable rentals in Houston is 165.80. The largest Federally assisted affordable rental community in the city is Haverstock Hills Phase I II at 700 units and the smallest is Glass St Apt II Ltd at 6 unit(s). 43 apartment properties provide housing for seniors containing 4,024 units. Of the 36,320 units, 10,133 units include some form of rental assistance (like Section 8) to make rent more affordable for very low income families.

Federally Assisted Units By Property

Name Total Units
Haverstock Hills Phase I II 700
Lacasita Apartments 624
Pines of Westbury Ltd. 563
One Oaklakes Ltd. 452
Premier On Woodfair 408
Design Rehab Inc 381
Sterling Grove Ltd 361
Willow Green Apartments 336
Northwood Forest Apartments 326
Texas Coppertree Village Ltd 324
Mip Texas Huntington Partnership 314
Jaysac Ltd. 302
Goldberg B Nai B Rith Towers 300
Summit Point Apartments 291
Creekwood Associates L.p. 285
Cleme Manor Apartments 284
St Cloud Apt Mgmt Office 283
Primrose Casa Bella 280
The Penninsula Park Apartments 280
Northland Woods Apartments 280
Little Nell Apartments 278
Clearwood Villas 276
Bellfort Village Apartments. 272
Palomino Place Apartments Map 272
Longboat Key Apartments 272
Crofton Apartments Houston L.p. 268
Pines of Woodforest Apartments. 266
Sweetwater Point Apartments 260
Shadow Ridge Apartments 260
Parkside Point Apartments 259
Villa Americana 258
Aspen Park Apartments 256
Forest Creek Partnership Ltd. 254
Wesley Square Apartments 252
Park At North Vista 252
Garden City Apartments 252
Gentry House Associates Lp 251
Woodglen Village Apartments 250
Yale Village Apartments 250
Collingham Park 250
Oxford Place Apartments 250
Pinnacle On Wilcrest Apartments 250
Lafayatte Village Apartments 250
Lincoln Park Apartments 250
Primrose At Del Sol 248
Quail Chase Apartments 248
Emerald Bay Apartments 248
The Oakmoor 248
Uvalde Ranch Apartments 244
Wellington Park Apartments 244
Copperwood Ranch 240
Matthew Ridge Apartments 240
Cullen Park Apartments 240
The Park At Kirkstall 240
The Villas In The Pines 236
Meadowlands Apartments 236
Southern California Unique 234
Arbor Court Aka Skyway Apartments 232
West Oaks Senior Apartments 232
Columbia Greens 232
Southlake Villas Apartments 228
Kimberly Pointe Apartments 228
Windcrest/west Road Ltd. 228
Chisholm Trail Apartments 228
Amberton Apartments 228
Silver Leaf Apartments Newport Apartments 224
Lake Crest Village 224
Houston Heights Towers Inc. 223
Meadowbrook Plaza Apartments 222
Costa Ibiza 216
15200 Blue Ash Apartments Ltd 216
Primrose At Heritage Park 210
Park Yellowstone Ltd. 210
Sovereign Apartments Ltd. 209
Woodforest Chase 204
Northline Point Apartments 200
Settegast Heights 200
Sterlingshire Aka Dyersdale Apartments 200
Fairlake Cove Apartments 200
Canal Place Apartments 200
Telephone Road Apartments 200
Lovett Manor 198
The Villas At Pine Lake 198
Memorial Drive Elderly Lp 196
Fallbrook Ranch Apartments 196
Almeda Park Apartments 196
Champion Forest Apartments 192
Travis Street Plaza Apartments 192
Stonehaven Apartment Homes 192
Fountains At Tidwell 188
Mariposa At Ella Blvd 182
Kings Row Charitable Trust 180
6201 West Ltd. 179
Heatherbrook Apartments 176
Lansbourough Apartments 176
Northline Apartment Homes 172
Coolwood Oaks I 168
North Forest Trails Apartments 168
2424 Sakowitz 166
Pleasant Hill Community Apartments L.p. 165
Bristol Court Apartments 164
Town Park Townhomes 160
Wilshire/branch Lp 160
Missionary Village Apartments 160
Gulf Coast Arms 160
Sunflower Terrace 160
Perry Street Apartments 160
The Historic Oaks of Allen Pkwy Village 155
D 154
Tarrington Court Apartments 153
Dyersdale Village Apartments 152
Sprucewood Apartments 152
Plum Creek Townhomes 152
Cypress Creek At Fayridge 152
Anna Dupree Apartments 150
Heights House Apartments. 150
Chelsea Senior Community 150
Eastend Project 150
St James Village Apartments 150
Scott Plaza Apartments 149
Laurel Point Senior Apartments 148
Park Village Partners I L.p. 144
Park At Woodwind Lakes Windfern II Townhomes 144
Beechnut Oaks 144
Park Lane Apartments 144
Avenue Terrace 144
Campanile On Eldridge Apartments 144
Sterling Court Senior Residences 140
Dominion Square Apartments 136
Louvre Housing Corporation 133
Tidwell Estates 132
The Pinemont Apartments 130
Golden Bamboo Village III 130
Little York Villas 128
Hometowne On Wayside 128
Woodland Christian Tower 127
Royal Palms Apartments 126
South Union Place 125
Timber Ridge II Apartments 124
Pilgrim Senior Citizen Housing 121
Simmons Garden Senior Citizen Housing L 120
Shoreham Apartments 120
Vista Bonita Apartments 118
Orchard At Oak Forest 118
Waterside Court 118
Golden Bamboo Village II 116
Fulton Village 108
Commons of Grace 108
Ridgemont Heights 105
Long Drive Townhomes 100
W. Leo Daniels Towers 100
Floral Gardens 100
Cypress Gardens 100
Willow Glen 100
Texas Park Lane Partnership 98
Scott Street Townhomes 96
Oak Haven Apartments Elderly 96
Redwood Heights Apartments 96
Oak Arbor Townhomes 94
Enchanted Fountains Ltd 93
The Legends of Memorial 85
Magnolia Residential Housing Development 84
Ahepa 29 IV 84
Sunrise Village Apartments 80
Creekbend Gardens 80
Lakeview Place 79
Westbury Manor 75
Las Villas De Magnolia 75
Evergreen Commons 73
Crofton Apartments Houston II L.p. 70
Northvale Apartments 70
Zion Gardens 70
Faith Village 70
Lloyd 69
Ahepa/ Dop 54 Inc. 67
Rainbow Village 67
Nueva Vida 66
Ahepa 29 Incorporated 66
Cornerstone Gardens 66
Oleander Commons 65
John Goldberg Apts For Seniors 65
North Macgregor Arms Apartments 64
Jensen Plaza Ltd. 64
Bellfort Park Apartments 64
William Booth Garden Apartments 64
Independent Heights 62
Evening Star Villa 62
Inwood Terrace 60
Pilgrim Place II 60
Pecan Grove Manor / Nba 58
Roger 49
South Acres Ranch 49
Fulton Gardens 48
El Redentor Apartments 47
Jairo Cadena 46
South Houston Vista Apartments 46
Nine Oaks Apartments 46
Parkway Ranch II 45
Bayou Glen 44
Evergreen Village 44
Lighthouse Living Center I 40
Lighthouse Living Center II 40
The Enclave 40
Pilgrim Place III 40
Wood Bayou Drive Apartments L.p. 35
West Oaks Terrace Aka Broadway Towers Inc. 35
Elder Street Lofts Fka Jefferson Davis Artis 34
El Redentor Apartments II 33
Paul Chase Common 25
Heights Manor 25
New Wild Plum Associates L.p. 24
Lyons Village Ltd. 24
Villas At Bayou Park Apartments 18
1801 Campbell Road Apartments 15
Villas At Bayou Park 15
Acres Homes Gardens Apartments 14
Glass Street Apt Ltd 12
Glass St Apt II Ltd 6
Glass Street 6
† This Property is Federally Assisted though Unit Counts are not available from HUD.

Rental Assistance for Tenants in Houston

Rental assistance is a type of housing subsidy that pays for a portion of a renter’s monthly housing costs, including rent and tenant paid utilities. This housing assistance can come in the form of Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, project-based Section 8 contracts, public housing, USDA Rental Assistance (in Section 515 properties) as well as HUD Section 202 and 811 properties.

In Houston, there are 85 affordable housing properties providing rental assistance to 10,133 very low income households. In addition, Houston Housing Authority provides 17,235 Section 8 rental vouchers in Houston and the surrounding area.

To qualify for most rental assistance programs a renter must earn no more than 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI). In some cases, rental assistance is reserved for renters earning 30% or less of the AMI. In Houston, to qualify for Section 8 assistance, a renter household containing four persons must earn $34,650 or less. For some targeted rental assistance programs, a renter household of four can’t earn more than $24,250.

It’s important to remember that in many rental assistance programs there are minimum rent regulations requiring assistance recipients to make a minimum payment of between $25 and $50 per month no matter how low their income.

HUD Assistance Income Limits


Income Limits

All affordable housing programs provided by or through the government have maximum income limits to qualify for assistance. These income limits are typically derived from the Area Median Income (AMI), the theoretical family income of the average household in a given geography.

The AMI is updated each year for each geographical area taking into consideration numerous economic indicators. The geographical areas used for establishing the AMI are either Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA’s) or counties.

Houston is in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, TX MSA. The 2015 Area Median Income for a family of four in Houston is $69,300.

The income limits used for Section 8, public housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credits. the HOME program and other Federal programs all are derived from the HUD defined AMI.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Income Limits


Rent Limits For Affordable Rental Housing

All apartment units that receive Federal assistance whether that assistance is used to subsidize rents or the cost of construction and development, have dollar limits on the amount of rent a landlord may charge each month. These rent limits are based on the incomes of the renters the property is meant to serve.

As we explained in the income limits section, the maximum income a renter can earn to qualify is based on the Area Median income for the market where the apartment community is located. Likewise, the maximum rent is usually determined by multiplying the annual income limit by 30% (the National housing affordability standard) and dividing by 12 months.

In Houston, a family of four that qualifies for a three bedroom apartment under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program will not pay more than $0. Rent limits can range greatly within the same apartment community. If the same apartment property in this example also targets persons earning less than 30% of AMI, our four person family’s 68 year old neighbor who earns less than $0 will never pay more than $0.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Rent Limits


Fair Market Rents (FMR)

HUD establishes a Fair Market Rent each year for each Metropolitan Statistical Area in the country. This rent standard is used to establish payment limits for Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, maximum rents in HOME financed rental projects and initial or renewal rents for Section 8 project based assistance. HUD establishes FMR’s for 530 MSA’s and 2,045 counties nationwide each fiscal year.

The FMR is largely a statistical derivative of the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) 5 year estimates for 2 bedroom median rent. For the most part, in Houston, a landlord with a two bedroom apartment to rent, could not receive more than $627. Likewise, a renter in need of a 3 bedroom apartment with a Section 8 voucher would have to find a rental in Houston that rented for less than $843.

2015 Fair Market Rents

$484 $487 $627 $843 $846

Fair Market Rent Percentage Change Since 1988

The affordable housing industry has long used the FMR as barometer for local rents. Though the geographic areas FMR’s are based on are broad and there are often wide variations in neighborhood rents throughout an MSA, in general, the FMR is one of the best quick tools one can use to judge housing costs in a place.

We took a look at historic FMR’s in Houston and found that they have risen an average of 2.04% year over year. The first year in our sample is 1985 when the two bedroom FMR was $375. That same 2 bedroom apartment rent had increased to $945 by 2013. In 1994 the two bedroom FMR in Houston saw it’s largest single year increase going up by 13.32%.

It’s also interesting to look at the FMR compared to the Consumer Price Index’s housing index to understand how Houston rents have fluctuated in comparison to the rest of the Nation. The consumer price index grew an average of -0.89% year over year. The two bedroom FMR in Houston has grown faster than the CPI indicating faster than average rent growth in the market.

The largest single year of 2 bedroom FMR growth was in 1994 at 13.32% while the smallest year of growth was 2015 with a 32.29% decrease.

High Renter
(95th percentile)

Renters or Owners


% of Renter Households


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Federally Assisted Projects


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Section 8 Projects/Units


Section 202 Projects/Units


Section 811 Projects/Units


Senior Projects/Units


Units with Project Based Rent Subsidy


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