Seattle a city in King County, Washington

This city is served by the Seattle Housing Authority

Seattle Housing Authority
Section 8 Waiting List Status: Opening Soon

Affordable Housing Online is tracking the status of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List. This is what we know as of our most recent update on December 28th, 2016

The Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting list is opening soon, from February 6, 2017 at 8:00 am, until February 24, 2017 at 5:00 pm PT. It was last open from March 2015 until April 2015.

To apply during the opening period, complete the online application here.

This waiting list has the following preference: Households that are 30% of less of AMI.

3,500 applicants will be placed on the waiting list by random lottery, after sorting preferences.

For more information, read the SHA public notice, visit the SHA website, or call the office at (206) 615-3300.

Seattle Housing Authority
Public Housing Waiting List Statuses

Family Senior Other

The Seattle Housing Authority is currently accepting public housing waiting list applications for families and senior/disabled individuals.

This housing authority offers 31 public housing communities for families and senior/disabled individuals. For a complete listing of each community please follow this link.

There are three ways to apply for public housing:
2. Download the application here, then print and complete.
3. Visit the housing authority to pick up an application, located at 190 Queen Anne Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98109, Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm.

Once the paper application has been completed, it can be mailed or hand delivered to the address listed above. No documents are needed at this time.

Please Note: You must check in with the housing authority every month to keep your spot on the waiting list by calling 866-623-5111.

This housing authority does have a preference point system that may improve your spot on the waiting list: homeless, or extremely low income.

More information can be found by visiting the housing authority website at, or by calling 206-239-1737, during normal office hours.

Market Overview

Seattle is a city in King County, Washington. The population of Seattle, according to the 2010 Census, is 608,660. The total number of households in the city is 283,510. The average household size for Seattle is 1.97. The total number of renter households in the city is 147,148 which means that 51.9% of households are renter households.

Seattle’s Federally assisted affordable rental housing stock includes properties financed through the following programs:

Section 8 63 2,730
LIHTC 152 12,367
Section 202 23 900
Section 811 6 95
Public Housing 25
Total 163 12,501
Note: The total does not necessarily equal the sum of each program as some properties may participate in multiple funding programs.

The average number of units per property for affordable rentals in Seattle is 76.70. The largest Federally assisted affordable rental community in the city is Homeworks Phase I at 704 units and the smallest is Bethany House General Partnership at 1 unit(s). 37 apartment properties provide housing for seniors containing 2,339 units. Of the 12,501 units, units include some form of rental assistance (like Section 8) to make rent more affordable for very low income families.

Federally Assisted Units By Property

Name Total Units
Rivoli Apartments 43
Copperfield Apartments
Broadway East Apartments
Esperanza Apartments 84
The Theodora - Volunteers of America 114
2721 Fourth Avenue Lp 177
The Josephinum Associated Ltp 222
Oregon Hotel 80
Meadowbrook View 50
Madison Place Associates Partnership 14
M 28
Jackson Apartments 17
Aids Housing of Washington 64
Byron/wetmore Lp 12
Texada Apartments 25
Bonair Lp 48
The Eagles 44
International House 98
South East Effective Development 366
Henry H. Bowman And Samac Ltd. 15
18th Avenue Apartments 9
100 Sixth Avenue Associates Ltd. Part 45
St. Martin's Associates 53
Oak Manor Apartments 15
Northaven Apartments 198
Market House 51
Campbell Gardens Ltd Partnership 24
Bayview Tower 100
Elizabeth James House 60
Golden Sunset Apartments 92
Four Freedoms House 302
M L King Jr Apartments 120
Argonaut Housing 8
Vincent House 60
Henry House Apartments 54
Vivian McLean Place 19
Victorian Row 13
Gilmore The 64
Royal Vista Apartments Lp 47
International District Village Square II 56
Mercer Court Apartments 24
Park Hill Apartments 102
Judkins Park Apartments 16
Qag Ltp 37
John Winthrop Apartments 79
Rainier Vista Phase I 184
25th Avenue South 12
Genesee Housing 49
Kateri House 8
Lakewood Group Home 11
Martin Court 41
Pardee Townhouses 9
Bellevue/olive Apartments 52
Holly Park Phase II 96
Tate Mason House 97
Stewart Court Apartments 65
Century House Apartments 83
Arbor House 15
Morrison Hotel 190
The Ritz Apartments 30
Beverly Park Group Home 10
New Central Hotel 28
Conbela 7
Tyree Scott Apartments 21
Admiral Housing 15
Crestview Apartments 54
Norman Mitchell Manor 34
Ywca Opportunity Place 145
Crawford House 10
Belltown Senior Apartments 25
Imperial Apartments 15
Lasalle Apartments 40
Casa Pacifica Apartments 65
Croft Place Townhomes 21
The Gilmore 65
Frye Apartments 233
Hilltop House Apartments 125
Annapolis Apartments 23
2301 Third Ave Ltp 175
Bryant Manor 58
Bayview Apartments Ltd./tecton Management C 28
River Heights Management Ltd. Liabili 26
Burien Haus Apartments 33
Latch Roxbury Mutual Housing 45
Heg/phillips House 11
El Nor House 55
Silvian Apartments 32
Penn Hall Apartments 30
Holly Park Redevelopment Project 305
Pantages Apartments 48
Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program 25
Julie Apartments 47
1431 Minor Lp 92
Denny Park Apartments 50
Cal Anderson House 24
Stewart House 85
Lincoln Park Group Home 9
Providence St. Elizabeth House 74
Vine Court Apartments 54
Scidpda 96
Coronado Springs Apartments 328
Providence Gamelin House 78
St. Charles Apartments 61
Historic Cooper School 36
Kawabe Memorial House 154
Laurel House 20
Bethany House General Partnership 1
Imperial House 96
Dakota At Rainier Court 176
Kerner-scott House 40
Weller Apartments 50
Graham/terry 121
Seattle Silvercrest Apartments 51
Heather Apartments 16
Lakeview Apartments 59
Lilac Lodge 44
Haines Apartments 30
Katharine's Place 25
Oregon Place Apartments 39
Henry M. Jackson Apartments 70
Interim Housing Association 47
Lojis Assembly Ltd. Liability Company 73
Holly Park III 219
Helen V Apartments 38
Honeysuckle Apartments 30
Larned Apartments Ltp 33
Cabrini Senior Housing 49
Michael And Christina Prabuki 1
Fleming Apartments 30
1811 Eastlake Supportive Housing 50
Williams 109
Gregory Gene Apartments 15
The Karlstrom 23
Olive Tower 86
Twelve Hundred Five Associates 198
Plymouth Place 70
Breier-scheetz Prop 42
Mt Baker Ltp 144
Tashiro-kaplan Artist Housing 49
Eagles Apartments 44
Downtowner Apartments 240
Burien Park Apartments 102
Historic Seattle Pda 45
Juneau Townhouses 10
Shirley Bridge Bungalows 6
The Views At Madison Phase I 45
412 Apartments 12
Union Hotel Lp 50
Monmouth Apartments 52
Cate Apartments 31
Ymca Building Project 20
The Views At Madison Phase 2 26
1000 Virginia Ltp 61
Compass Center Transitional Housing Program 34
Cascade Cluster 6
Courtland Place At Rainier Court 206
Ecr Community Housing Lp 14
Market Terrace 30
Traugott Terrace 50
Building 224 41
Hazel Plaza I 16
Ellis Court Apartments 56
Providence Peter Claver House 80
Holden Vista Apartments 16
Sanitary Market Apartments 39
The Oleta Apartments 34
Ravenna School Apartments 38
Loyal Heights Manor 54
The Genesis Group 8
Belcourt Apartments 24
Ok Hotel 44
Holden Village Associates 36
Dorothy Day Residence 41
Livingston-baker Apartments 90
Fifteenth And Harrison Apartments 19
Mary Ruth Manor 20
Lewiston Hotel 52
Burlingame Apartments 39
Arbor Heights 96
Highlands East 42
Graham Apartmgraham/terry Apartments 121
Union James 24
Interim Community Housing Lp 62
Victoria House Apartments Partnership 10
Alder House Apartments 42
Burke-gilman Place 113
Security House Apartments 107
Buildings 26 North 27
Chancery Place 85
David Colwell Building 126
Sunset House Apartments 82
Alaska House 104
Booth Gardens 16
† This Property is Federally Assisted though Unit Counts are not available from HUD.

Rental Assistance for Tenants in Seattle

Rental assistance is a type of housing subsidy that pays for a portion of a renter’s monthly housing costs, including rent and tenant paid utilities. This housing assistance can come in the form of Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, project-based Section 8 contracts, public housing, USDA Rental Assistance (in Section 515 properties) as well as HUD Section 202 and 811 properties.

In Seattle, there are 33 affordable housing properties providing rental assistance to very low income households. In addition, Seattle Housing Authority provides 9,811 Section 8 rental vouchers in Seattle.

To qualify for most rental assistance programs a renter must earn no more than 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI). In some cases, rental assistance is reserved for renters earning 30% or less of the AMI. In Seattle, to qualify for Section 8 assistance, a renter household containing four persons must earn $45,150 or less. For some targeted rental assistance programs, a renter household of four can’t earn more than $27,100.

It’s important to remember that in many rental assistance programs there are minimum rent regulations requiring assistance recipients to make a minimum payment of between $25 and $50 per month no matter how low their income.

HUD Assistance Income Limits


Income Limits

All affordable housing programs provided by or through the government have maximum income limits to qualify for assistance. These income limits are typically derived from the Area Median Income (AMI), the theoretical family income of the average household in a given geography.

The AMI is updated each year for each geographical area taking into consideration numerous economic indicators. The geographical areas used for establishing the AMI are either Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA’s) or counties.

Seattle is in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA MSA. The 2016 Area Median Income for a family of four in Seattle is $90,300.

The income limits used for Section 8, public housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credits. the HOME program and other Federal programs all are derived from the HUD defined AMI.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Income Limits


Fair Market Rents (FMR)

HUD establishes a Fair Market Rent each year for each Metropolitan Statistical Area in the country. This rent standard is used to establish Payment Standards for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, maximum rents in HOME financed rental projects and initial rents for Section 8 project based assistance. HUD establishes FMR’s for 530 MSA’s and 2,045 counties nationwide each fiscal year.

The FMR is largely a statistical derivative of the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) 5 year estimates for 2 bedroom median rent.

Calculating the maximum allowable rents under various subsidy programs is complex and each program has slightly different rules. In the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and Project Based Assistance programs, maximum rents a landlord may charge include any tenant paid utility costs.

This utility allowance includes all necessary utilities like water/sewer, trash, heat, electricity or gas. Cable television, telephone, Internet and other non-essential utilities are excluded from this allowance.

In Project Based Section 8 properties, the owner sets the utility allowance after conducting a utility cost analysis. The amount of the allowance is reviewed and approved by HUD. The utility allowance is different for each size dwelling unit.

In the Housing Choice Voucher program, utility allowances are set by the Public Housing Authority (PHA) that administers the program. The PHA sets the allowance based on reasonable utility costs for similar types and sizes of housing units to the unit the voucher holder is renting.

In Section 8 Project Based apartment communities, the maximum rent a tenant may pay is set by the landlord and approved by HUD each year. Initially, the rent charged by the apartment property is limited to the FMR for the area. In some instances, HUD may approve an initial rent of up to 120% of the FMR for the area. Owners may request and HUD may approve annual contract rent increases based on an Annual Adjustment Factor (AAF) determined by local housing and utility costs changes Though contract rents are seldom exactly the same amount as the Fair Market Rent for the area and each Project Based apartment property will have its own contract rent, the FMR can be used as an approximate guide of what maximum contract rents might be.

The amount a Section 8 Project Based tenant will pay is 30% of their adjusted income.

In the Housing Choice Voucher program, the maximum amount the housing authority will pay a landlord is established each year for similar types and sizes of units and is called a Payment Standard. Each housing authority sets its own Payment Standard and usually sets the amount at between 90% and 110% of the Fair Market Rent for the area.

The amount a voucher holder pays for rent, often referred to as a Tenant Contribution, is equal to 30% of their income. If the rental the tenant selects has rent higher than the housing authority Payment Standard, a tenant may pay up to 40% of their income to make up the difference. At least initially, the tenant would not be allowed to pay more than 40% of their income and would have to find a different rental that has a qualifying rent amount.

In Seattle, under the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, the Seattle Housing Authority might pay a landlord with a two bedroom apartment to rent about $1,544 minus the utility allowance. Likewise, a renter in Seattle with a Section 8 voucher looking to rent a 3 bedroom apartment must find a rental that rents for about $2,240 per month (including the utility allowance). Any amount more than that, the voucher holder could pay the difference as long as they aren’t paying more than 40% of their income. (Note: These rent amounts are approximate since the housing authority’s Payment Standard is likely to be slightly different than HUD’s published FMR. These FMR’s should only be used as a guide. Check with the Seattle Housing Authority for their actual HCV Payment Standard.)

2017 Fair Market Rents

$1,093 $1,249 $1,544 $2,240 $2,654

Fair Market Rent Percentage Change Since 1988

The affordable housing industry has long used the FMR as barometer for local rents. Though the geographic areas FMR’s are based on are broad and there are often wide variations in neighborhood rents throughout an MSA, in general, the FMR is one of the best quick tools one can use to judge housing costs in a place.

We took a look at historic FMR’s in Seattle and found that they have risen an average of 4.31% year over year. The first year in our sample is 1985 when the two bedroom FMR was $461. That same 2 bedroom apartment rent had increased to $1104 by 2013. In 2015 the two bedroom FMR in Seattle saw it’s largest single year increase going up by 26%.

It’s also interesting to look at the FMR compared to the Consumer Price Index’s housing index to understand how Seattle rents have fluctuated in comparison to the rest of the Nation. The consumer price index grew an average of -0.89% year over year. The two bedroom FMR in Seattle has grown faster than the CPI indicating faster than average rent growth in the market.

The largest single year of 2 bedroom FMR growth was in 2015 at 26% while the smallest year of growth was 2005 with a 9.64% decrease.




Average Household Size


Total Renters


Renter Households


Total Households

High Renter
(92nd percentile)

Renters or Owners


% of Renter Households


Median Rent


Median Family Income


Renters Overburdened


Households in 60-80% AMI Range


Federally Assisted Units


Federally Assisted Projects


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Section 202 Projects/Units


Section 811 Projects/Units


Senior Projects/Units


Average Units Per Property


Gross Rent Paid By All Renters


Renters with No Vehicle


Renters Below Poverty Level


Renters Who Taxi, Bike, or Walk to Work


Renters Who Use Public Transit to Work


Renters With Children


Vacant Units For Rent


Vacancy Rate


Units With Utilities Included In Rent

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