Julian Castro's 2020 Housing Plan

2020 Presidential Candidate Julian Castro

Julian Castro (D)

Julian Castro is a former Mayor of San Antonio and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Obama Administration. His affordable housing plan includes subsidies for low-income renters, such as expanding Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers and a renter tax credit. It also would expand the production of affordable housing with more funding for the National Housing Trust Fund, the Capital Magnet Fund, and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. His plan would triple funding to combat homelessness, push zoning reform to promote the construction of more affordable housing and promote homeownership for populations experiencing housing insecurity.

This resource focuses on 2020 Presidential Candidates polling greater than 1% in the latest national Emerson poll. As of December 18th, Julian Castro is polling at 0%. Recent changes or additions to Julian Castro's housing policy proposals may not be reflected in this resource.

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