Renter tax credits through the Rent Relief Act

Two bold proposals to help low-income renters were recently introduced in the Senate and House. If passed, they would provide a refundable tax credit to renters who are paying too much of their income for their housing.

For details about these proposals and how they’ll help low-income renters, read Affordable Housing Online’s article here.

I encourage you to tell Congress that renters need relief from high housing costs. Tell your Representative and Senators to support renter relief tax credit bills that help families stay in their homes. You can reach your members of Congress by using the form below. An email will go straight to your Representative or Senators. It only takes 60 seconds. Please let your Congress members know how you feel now!

Dave Layfield
Founder and CEO, Affordable Housing Online

Since Congress has now voted on this issue, we have removed the Contact Congress email form from this page.