Continuing government shutdown will hurt affordable housing renters and landlords

As the federal government shutdown grinds on through its first month, federal affordable housing programs begin running out of funds. By March 1:

  • Approximately $1.8 billion per month in rent checks will not be mailed to landlords who house Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher holders;
  • Tens of thousands of Section 8 voucher holders (the poorest of the poor) who rely on utility reimbursement checks to pay their utility bills will not receive their reimbursements and not be able to keep the heat and lights on;
  • Thousands of Public Housing Authority (PHA) employees who process vouchers and assist low income Americans with their housing needs could be furloughed becaused PHA administrative fees will not be paid by HUD;
  • Tens of Thousands of Project Based Section 8 and Section 515 Rural Rental Housing units are without subsidy and tens of thousands more will be added each month. Tenants could be evicted and landlords may not have enough cash to keep the lights on.


In under a minute, you can email your members of Congress by using the form below. An email will go straight to your Representative or Senators. Please let your Congress members know how you feel now!

Dave Layfield
Founder and CEO, Affordable Housing Online

Since the government shutdown has ended, we have removed the Contact Congress email form from this page.