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Keep Contact Information Current

Make sure the new housing authority has the correct contact information for you. Especially if your contact information changed from the time the portability packet was sent to the new housing authority and the time you are ready to move.

The new housing authority will conduct a briefing session or a caseworker meeting with families porting into their jurisdiction. This is the time when the new housing authority will give you the information you need to find a unit in their area and the documents needed to approve your new unit. 

The new housing authority must tell you the following:

  • The bedroom size of your voucher
  • The payment standard for the voucher
  • The advantages of living in areas with low concentrations of low income families. They must tell you this and also give this information to you in writing (This happens at the Briefing when you first get your voucher).
  • Portability procedures and Family and Housing Authority responsibilities.