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Information for Persons with Disabilities

A reasonable accommodation request from a person with a disability may include moving with their Section 8 Voucher to another housing authority’s jurisdiction.

The requested accommodation will be considered reasonable if it does not create an undue financial and administrative burden for the housing authority or result in a fundamental alteration in the nature of the program. 

Also, to use a Section 8 Voucher to move to an area outside of the Housing Authority’s jurisdiction, a person with a disability must provide proof that the request has a connection between the disability and the accommodation.

  • Example: After five years, a medical provider for a person with a disability has moved their practice to another city. The person with the disability found a house to rent that is just two blocks from his medical provider’s new office. The person with a disability makes a reasonable accommodation request to use portability to move to the new city, and be closer to his medical provider. 

Contact your housing authority to get further information about the procedure to request a reasonable accommodation to port to a different area or jurisdiction.