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Housing Authority Must Notify the New Housing Authority

After you notify your caseworker in writing that you want to move, the caseworker will notify the new housing authority to be expecting you. Your caseworker must gather specific information for you, usually by sending an email or a form to the new housing authority that asks questions like:

  • What is the payment standard?
  • What is the income limit?
  • For your size household, what would be the voucher size?
  • Is the Housing Authority billing or absorbing? (Which means, is the new Housing Authority going to charge your Housing Authority every month for your rent or is the new Housing Authority going to take over the rent payments?)

When your caseworker receives a reply to the email, or the completed form back, the caseworker will send your portability packet to the new housing authority.

The portability packet will contain the following:

  • Your Voucher
  • HUD form 52665, that includes information the new Housing Authority will need about your voucher.
  • HUD form 50058 (this gives your family’s birth dates, SS numbers, income, old address, etc.)
  • Your recent income information that appears on a HUD report called Enterprise Income Verification (EIV).
  • Your forwarding mailing address and contact phone number.

Also, if the new Housing Authority asks, copies of SS cards, birth certificates and Picture IDs, might also be sent.

At this point, you absolutely must contact the new housing authority to follow-up on your porting obligations and to learn the new housing authority’s procedures.