Can I take my Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher to a different area?

Yes, the Section 8 program does allow the transfer of Housing Choice Vouchers to any area with a Housing Choice Voucher program, but only after one year of residency in the jurisdiction of the Housing Authority that issued the voucher.

This process is often referred to as "porting," and the housing authority receiving your voucher is the "absorbing" office.

For example, if you apply for and receive a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher through the Chicago Housing Authority, you must have lived within the Chicago Housing Authority's jurisdiction for at least 12 months. After that twelve month period, you could apply to port your voucher to another housing authority in the country.

If you have lived within the jurisdiction since applying, you may port at any time.

To begin this process, you must contact your current housing authority. You can search our database for housing authority contact information. Housing authorities are given a lot of leeway by HUD in their porting policy, so there may be other specific factors required to be able to port your voucher.

It is important to consider any expenses involved in moving to a new location such as your current lease, rental application fees, moving and travel costs, and utility costs.

Have a plan for transportation, school registration, employment, and childcare before you start the porting process to ease the transition to a new home.