How long after submitting my application will I know about my status on the waiting list?


After submitting your application, there are a number of factors that determine when you will know about your status on the waiting list. Each housing authority and apartment community operates differently, and the time frame to process applications varies.

Generally, it could take a couple of weeks to a couple of months to process applications. This mainly depends on how many people apply, how many staffers the office has available to process applications, and the process used to submit applications (online applications tend to be processed faster than paper applications).

Keep an eye out, as the date your waiting list status would be available may be available on the public notice, website, or application. If this information is not published, contact the office you apply to for assistance.

It's important to know this date, because some housing offices do not contact persons who were not placed on the waiting list. So, if that date comes and passes, and you were not contacted, you were not placed on the waiting list.

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