How many bedrooms am I eligible for?


Generally, up to two people are placed in a bedroom, and adults have separate bedrooms than children.

Allocating bedrooms for children can get complicated, as each housing authority's policy differs. If two children are of the same sex, they normally will be given a room together. However, if two children are of opposite sex, they will likely only be granted separate bedrooms if they have reached a specific age (usually more than 5 years old). If the children are under the specified age limit, they must live in one bedroom together until they reach that age. Again, each housing authority policy differs, so contact the office in your area of interest to find out its specific policy. You can use the search bar on the top of this page to search for housing authority contact information.

Here are some examples of bedroom allocation depending on family composition:

  • 1 Adult (1 BR)
  • 2 Adults (1 BR)
  • 2 Adults, 1 Child (2 BR)
  • 2 Adults, 2 Same-Sex Children (2 BR)
  • 2 Adults, 2 Opposite-Sex Children Over Age Limit (3 BR)
  • 2 Adults, 2 Opposite-Sex Children Under Age Limit, 1 Child Over Age Limit (3 BR)
  • 3 Adults, 4 Same-Sex Children (4 BR)

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