Is it safe to put my Social Security Number on the online application?


As long as it is an official application, it is overall safe to put your Social Security Number on your online application.

Anyone who transmits personal information over the Internet does run a certain amount of risk when submitting the information. However, if you and the housing office are following the right security procedures, that risk is extremely small. In our opinion, the risk is so small, it's worth submitting this information online. Once you have submitted your application, that information is kept private and secure by the housing office.

That being said, make sure you are applying to a legitimate waiting list, and it is not a fake application run by a scammer. You can verify if the application is legitimate by contacting the housing authority or apartment community identified on the application. You can read more on how to identify and avoid scams in our Housing Scam Prevention Guide.

If you have concerns about an online application, contact the housing office for more information.

You can use the search bar on the top of this page to search for housing authority and apartment community contact information.

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