Frequently Asked Waiting Lists Questions

Do I have to update my application information if there is a change? How do I do it?

The main reason persons on waiting lists lose their long awaited positions is when their turn comes, they can't be found.It is the applicant's... Read More

How do I apply for affordable housing assistance?

You apply to be put on an open waiting list through a housing authority or apartment community. You may apply anywhere in the country, rega... Read More

I just applied to a waiting list, now what do I do?

It is a bit complicated to explain how long the process takes, especially since the process is different at each office. Once your application has bee... Read More

Can I apply to multiple waiting lists?

You can apply apply anywhere in the country, and there is no limit on how many waiting lists you can apply to. However, duplicate applications for the... Read More

Why is the wait so long?

Because of the high demand of affordable housing, and comparatively low supply, it is not rare to be on a waiting list for several years. For example,... Read More

How long after submitting my application will I receive information about my status on the waiting list?

First, each housing authority and apartment community operates differently, and each office requires a different time frame to process applications. ... Read More

I was placed on a waiting list, does this mean I'm getting rental assistance?

No, being placed on a waiting list simply means you will be considered for eligibility to receive rental assistance.Many housing o... Read More

I applied to the waiting list by paying the fee, but they have not contacted me after a few months. What can I do?

If you applied to an affordable housing program such as a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit property, those programs may have an application fee, so ... Read More

How do I submit the application after I have filled it out?

Depending on the housing office, you may be required to mail, email, fax, drop off, or submit the application online.If ther... Read More

Since Section 8 vouchers are so difficult to get, is there a place to find other housing programs that set rent based on your income?

Yes, there are likely other programs available other than Section 8 and Public Housing. Housing authorities often provide additional housing prog... Read More

The housing office I applied through told me I didn't qualify to receive assistance, and I don't know why. What could have made me ineligible?

Any housing office that provides a HUD program is legally required to explain to you why you did not qualify. Due to the high demand of affordable hou... Read More

Can you send an application to me?

We are not affiliated with any housing authority or apartment community, and are unable to send applications to our users.To... Read More

Is there any way I can receive priority placement on a waiting list?

Yes. These criteria are referred to by HUD and Public Housing Authorities as preferences.There are many preferences tha... Read More

Can I apply anywhere in the country?

You may apply to anywhere in the country, regardless of where you currently live. After applying to an open waiting list, you... Read More

Who qualifies for affordable housing assistance?

The most important qualifier is income. Generally, the household must make less than 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) of that area to qualify. For ... Read More

After applying, how long will my wait be?

Once you are on a waiting list, your wait time varies greatly depending on the office you applied through. Because of the high demand of affordable... Read More

What is my status on the waiting list?

We are not affiliated with any housing authority or apartment community, and are unable to check your status on any waiting list.Contact the... Read More

What does it mean if a waiting list has preferences?

A waiting list with preferences means that applicants who qualify for the identified preferences will receive assistance before applicants who do n... Read More

Can part-time workers qualify?

It is likely that you do qualify as a part-time employee. The most important qualifier is income. Generally, you must make less than 50% of the Area M... Read More

The need for affordable housing is a serious concern to many. Why are "lotteries" used to decide who gets help?

You're right. The need for affordable housing is overwhelming. The need is so large, that Federal affordable funding programs for affordable housing f... Read More

Does your chance of receiving rental assistance increase if you are homeless, or live in a shelter?

In some cases, yes, there are many programs nationwide that specifically help persons who are homeless, or live in a shelter. But each housing au... Read More

If your name comes up on a waiting list, but you still owe money to a landlord, do you lose your spot?

You will not lose your spot on the Section 8 waiting list due to a debt, unless that debt is to a housing authority. Housing authorities don't usually... Read More

The Section 8 and/or Public Housing waiting lists in my area are closed. Are there other affordable housing programs?

If the waiting list is closed in the area you want to apply in, you cannot apply at that time, but there may be other programs available other th... Read More

Can a single person apply?

Anyone can apply, including single persons. The most important qualifier is income.It may be confusing, since HUD's general term f... Read More

Can a homeless person apply for housing assistance?

Yes, homeless persons, and persons living in a shelter may apply. The most important qualifier is income. Generally, you must make less than 50% of th... Read More

How can you apply if your area's waiting list is closed?

If the waiting list is closed in a desired area, you cannot apply until it reopens. However, you can apply anywhere in the country.... Read More

My income will be lower after I move. Would I apply using my current income, or the income I will receive after moving?

Even if you are expecting an income change in the future, you must report the total gross income you are currently receiving. If p... Read More

What should my credit score be in order to receive housing?

Your credit score will not have an affect on your eligibility to receive Section 8 or Public Housing assistance. However, once you receive a Sect... Read More

If you currently have no income whatsoever, will places accept your application?

Yes. Simply put, the most important qualifier is income. Generally, applicants must make less than 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for that a... Read More

Does HUD help veterans with housing?

Yes, there has been a concerted effort over the last few years to assist veterans in need of housing assistance. Many housing auth... Read More

How old do you have to be to apply?

Generally, applicants must be at least 18 years old to submit an application. When declaring household members on an application, ... Read More

I've already applied, but I'm still waiting. Should I apply to other waiting lists?

Yes, it is advantageous to apply to other waiting lists, in the case that you are fortunate enough that you get accepted to a waiting list shorte... Read More

If your income increases, are you still eligible for affordable housing?

That depends on if your income still qualifies for the income limit. If it is still under the limit, then yes, you are still eligible. Applica... Read More

If I am already in an affordable housing program, can I apply to another?

Yes, you can apply to any affordable housing program, even if you are currently receiving rental assistance by another program.... Read More

How do I find properties and programs with short waiting lists?

Generally, the more rural areas of the country have shorter waiting lists, while large metropolitan areas have long waiting lists due to many more peo... Read More

Will slow rent payments or an eviction keep me from getting accepted?

Having an eviction on your record may make it difficult to qualify for housing. Generally, it depends on the reason the household was evicted. Co... Read More

If I apply to a waiting list in another state, will they require that I come in for an interview before receiving rental assistance?

Usually, housing offices won't require an in-person interview until your name reaches the top of the waiting list. However, some offices may require a... Read More

What does it mean when a waiting list is open indefinitely?

When a waiting list is open indefinitely it means that the waiting list does not have a scheduled closing date, and will remain open until further not... Read More

I accidentally made an error when filling out my application. How can I fix this?

Once you have made this realization, immediately contact the housing authority or apartment community you applied through to find out its policy on up... Read More

Can I apply on my own, even though I currently live with other people?

If you are applying to an affordable housing program on your own, you may apply as a single-person household. It does not matter who you are curr... Read More

How can I be assured that I will be placed on the waiting list?

Because of the high demand of affordable housing, and comparatively low supply, even qualified applicants are not guaranteed to be placed on a waiting... Read More

I'm unable to work due to my age/disability. Can I get a special preference for waiting lists that have a working preference?

In most cases, we have found that waiting lists with the "employed," "working" or "working family" preference (which are all the same preference, but ... Read More

When applying, can I submit a copy of a document instead of the original?

Each housing authority operates differently, so we cannot give you a definite answer.Some housing offices require you to submit th... Read More

How does my criminal record affect eligibility?

Having a criminal record may make it difficult for a person to receive housing, but it does not automatically disqualify them. Gen... Read More

Are you required to be employed to receive housing assistance?

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. For the most part, most programs do not require active employment or even the housing assistance recipient to be acti... Read More

Is there a universal nationwide waiting list for Section 8 and Public Housing?

There is no universal nationwide waiting list for any affordable housing program.Section 8 and Public Housing waiting lists are managed by P... Read More

I'm on the Section 8 HCV waiting list; when should I start looking for a unit?

While we cannot give direct advice on what you should do, we can provide you with information for you to make a decision.First, you may use ... Read More

Will child and transportation expenses be deducted when calculating our contribution to rent?

Different programs have different ways they handle this. Usually, transportation expenses may not be deducted when calculating the tenant rent payment... Read More

If my child is disabled, would I qualify for a disability preference?

Generally, no.In most cases, a household may qualify for a preference only if the head of household, co-head or spouse qualifies. ... Read More

Within a week after applying, I got a nasty and unprofessional response that I was not placed on the waiting list. Could it have been spam?

Being that the letter was unprofessional, and apparently rude in nature, it is unlikely that this letter was sent by the housing office you applied th... Read More

Will I lose my chance at getting rental assistance if my name comes up on the waiting list before my current lease ends?

No, if your name reaches the top of the waiting list while still under contract of your current lease, you will not lose your rental assistance. ... Read More

I'm on the waiting list. Do I need to reapply when it opens again?

Generally, no. Once you are on a waiting list, you do not need to re-apply. Not only that, but, re-applying to a waiting list that you are already on... Read More

I was denied rental assistance for having a marijuana charge on my record. If I move to a state where marijuana is legal, will I be eligible?

Drug-related criminal charges on one's record is a major issue that can affect your eligibility for housing assistance. Since HUD has given significan... Read More

I am afraid to put my Social Security Number on the online application because of hackers. Is it safe to give this information?

As this is a government-assisted program, the Social Security Number of you and all members of the household will be required to apply. ... Read More

Can my name on the waiting list be transferred to another waiting list?

If you are currently on a waiting list, you generally may not transfer your name to another waiting list. You must apply to another waiting list as a ... Read More

If a waiting list is closed, but I qualify for a preference, can I still apply?

No. Preferences are for qualified applicants to be placed on the waiting list higher than general applicants.If a waiting list is ... Read More

If I find housing before I get my Section 8 voucher, can I get approved sooner?

No. Finding a unit before receiving your voucher does not have any influence on when you receive your voucher. Once being placed on the waiting list, ... Read More

I recently separated from my significant other, but we are both on the waiting list together. Can we receive assistance separately?

No, the two of you would not be able to split your application in two and each receive a rental authority.In the event ... Read More

After applying online, no receipt was sent to my email. Thinking my application didn't go through, I applied again. Now I have two ID numbers. Am I not qualified anymore since I applied twice?

First, check your email spam box to see if the email receipt was not erroneously put there. Also, make sure that the housing office stated that it ... Read More