Within a week after applying, I got a nasty and unprofessional response that I was not placed on the waiting list. Could it have been spam?

Being that the letter was unprofessional, and apparently rude in nature, it is unlikely that this letter was sent by the housing office you applied through.

If you receive anything that is supposedly from the office you applied through, and it seems suspicious, verify its legitimacy with the managing office.

You can search our website for housing authority and apartment community contact information. If contact information for a property is not available on our website, please search online by other means.

However, if the letter was sent by an office that offers a HUD program, you may send a complaint to HUD here.

Also, you may want to make sure that you did not apply to a scam that disguises itself as an affordable housing application. You can read more about these scams on our Housing Scam Prevention Guide.