Frequently Asked Affordable Housing Locations Questions

Since Section 8 vouchers are so difficult to get, is there a place to find other housing programs that set rent based on your income?

Yes, there are likely other programs available other than Section 8 and Public Housing. Housing authorities often provide additional housing prog... Read More

In what areas can you live for Section 8?

While you may apply anywhere in the country, you must live within the jurisdiction of the housing authority providing assistance once you have been... Read More

Where can I apply?

You can apply to open affordable housing rental assistance waiting lists nationwide.To receive rental assistance in your area of interest, y... Read More

The Section 8 and/or Public Housing waiting lists in my area are closed. Are there other affordable housing programs?

If the waiting list is closed in the area you want to apply in, you cannot apply at that time, but there may be other programs available other th... Read More

Why is the housing authority giving Section 8 vouchers when there are no rentals available, and if there are, they don't take Section 8?

While it is can be difficult for Section 8 voucher holders to find a unit, there are properties and landlords out there that accept Section 8 Vou... Read More

If you report a change in your income, will they make you move?

If your income changes, and it is still under the specified income limit for the number of persons in your household, you likely wouldn't have to move... Read More

If I apply to a waiting list in another state, will they require that I come in for an interview before receiving rental assistance?

Usually, housing offices won't require an in-person interview until your name reaches the top of the waiting list. However, some offices may require a... Read More

Isn't affordable housing supposed to be income based? The property manager said they were affordable housing, but charges all tenants the same monthly rent.

Not all affordable housing programs are operated by having the tenant pay a portion of their income as rent. There are affordable housing programs, su... Read More

My Section 8 landlord keeps upping the rent. What can I do?

If your landlord is upping the rent to an amount that is not affordable, it's time to look for another unit.We are... Read More

If you don't have a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, but your landlord accepts it, can you rent there?

Yes, you can live in the unit, but you will not receive rental assistance by doing so. To be able to receive any kind of rental assistance, you must g... Read More

If I find housing before I get my Section 8 voucher, can I get approved sooner?

No. Finding a unit before receiving your voucher does not have any influence on when you receive your voucher. Once being placed on the waiting list, ... Read More