Frequently Asked Coronavirus Questions

Do I have to do anything if I’m on a rental subsidy program and become unemployed or lose hours from coronavirus?

In most cases, you must report a change of your household's income. If you’re participating in a rental subsidy program managed by a Public Housing Agency (aka, housing authority) or private management company, change of income policies are mostly determined individually by each office. Your requirements on reporting a change of income are based on the guidelines given by that housing agency.

That being said, most offices do require residents to report a change of income to be submitted soon after the change has occurred (usually within 10 days).

Check your lease to find out if it’s required to immediately report a change of income. If it’s not required immediately, wait to report your income at the required time stated in the lease (note that some programs, like the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program, do not require income recertifications). If you cannot find this information, Affordable Housing Online recommends that you report your change of income.

To report your change of income, you must submit a change of income form. Depending on each office’s operations, this form may be available online or in the office.

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