Frequently Asked Emergency Questions

If my apartment is part of a Project Based Section 8 project funded by HUD and the property is sold, can the new owner make me move out?

If a Project Based Section 8 apartment community is sold and the new owner decides not to renew the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract with ... Read More

Does HUD help in emergency cases for housing?

No, HUD affordable housing programs are not emergency housing programs, and due to high demand, it is not rare to be on a waiting list for several ... Read More

My income will be lower after I move. Would I apply using my current income, or the income I will receive after moving?

Even if you are expecting an income change in the future, you must report the total gross income you are currently receiving. If p... Read More

Does HUD help if you are homeless or living in a shelter?

Yes, there are housing programs and policies in place that help homeless persons and persons living in a shelter receive housing assistance.... Read More