Frequently Asked Housing Authority Questions

What does an income limit mean?

The income limit for an affordable housing program is the maximum amount of income a household can earn to qualify to receive assistance.The... Read More

How can I find out the area the housing authority serves?

You can find out the area the housing authority serves on its Annual Plan, on Affordable Housing Online, and sometimes on the housing authority'... Read More

What is my status on the waiting list?

The best way to check your status on a waiting list is to contact the housing authority or apartment community you applied to. The method of how to... Read More

Why is the housing authority giving Section 8 vouchers when there are no rentals available, and if there are, they don't take Section 8?

While it is can be difficult for Section 8 voucher holders to find a unit, there are properties and landlords out there that accept Section 8 Vou... Read More

My family and I live in Section 8, but I have to move. Can we continue to receive Section 8 assistance in both places?

You may not use a Section 8 voucher to receive rental assistance in two different units at the same time.If you are the... Read More

Is a resident of the housing authority allowed to serve on its board of directors?

Yes, in fact, having at least one resident on the housing authority's board is required by law, with a few exceptions.According to... Read More

The housing authority is doing a Section 8 briefing, but the waiting list is closed. What does "briefing" mean?

It is likely that the housing authority is scheduling eligibility appointments with persons on the waiting list. It is also possible that the office h... Read More

When I receive a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, can I terminate it for a year if I have to move temporarily?

No, when you receive a voucher, you have a specific amount of time to use that voucher before it is terminated. You may be able to... Read More

If I find housing before I get my Section 8 voucher, can I get approved sooner?

No. Finding a unit before receiving your voucher does not have any influence on when you receive your voucher. Once being placed on the waiting list, ... Read More