How can an eviction be reversed?


There are ways to reverse your eviction, even if a court has ruled in favor of your landlord.

1. Stop violating lease

If the landlord has just cause for evicting you, and there is an opportunity to comply with the lease before getting evicted, stop performing the act that is the cause of eviction. If you comply by the date given in the eviction notice, your eviction would be reversed.

2. Talk to landlord

Before even stepping into a courtroom, your eviction notice may be reversed simply by talking to your landlord. You may be able to work out an agreement with your landlord (such as paying back rent that’s due with current rent payments).

3. Review eviction judgement

If the court sides with the landlord, but you feel that there was a mistake made in the court’s decision, you may file a legal review.

The exact process varies by state, and there may be more than one option for a formal review. Speak with your lawyer about your options. Tenants who are looking for free or low-cost legal aid can find resources on’s website.

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