How long does the eviction process take place?


If the tenant complies, the entire eviction process can take as little as a few days to a couple of months, depending on the area. But if the tenant does not comply, it may take several months for the eviction process to complete.

Written Notice

For evictions without cause, a written notice will usually give tenants between 30 and 60 days to move out. This also applies for tenants who have no conditions to correct behavior (such as criminal behavior).

If notice is given to pay rent, usually 3-5 days is given for the tenant to pay the due amount. For other causes that allow an offense to be corrected (like an unapproved pet), the landlord will set their own time frame (which may be only a few days).

If the tenant complies with the written notice, the entire eviction process can usually take between a few days and two months.

Court Filing

The landlord may file their eviction with their local court clerk if the tenant has not moved by the required date, and a hearing will be scheduled within a few weeks after filing. The hearing may be several weeks after filing in busier court systems.

If the tenant moves out after receiving notice about the court hearing, the entire eviction process can usually take about a month or two (sometimes more).

After Judgement

In some areas, if the court sides with the landlord, the tenant may be evicted immediately. But usually the tenant is given between a week and a month to move out.

If the tenant moves out after their eviction judgement, the entire eviction process can usually take a few months.

Refuse to Move

If the tenant refuses to move out after their eviction judgement, it could take up to several weeks for a local sheriff to carry out an eviction. The entire eviction process for situations that come to this point may take several months.

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