If I don't pay my rent during a pandemic eviction moratorium, will I owe the rent when the coronavirus pandemic is over?


Most likely yes, and you would risk getting evicted if you do not pay. Even though there are suspensions of evictions during the COVID-19 outbreak, no federal legislation has been passed that would prevent renters from having to pay back owed rent.

Your best move right now is to contact your landlord as soon as possible and try to work out a payment plan or if you can pay something, ask if a partial payment would be acceptable. Also, re-read your lease and review what it states about missed rent payments.

There proposals being made in Congress to help renters avoid eviction when the pandemic is over. One bill, the Emergency Rental Assistance Act of 2020, would let more households qualify for a government program that gives emergency short-term rental assistance, called Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG). However, no such legislation has been passed yet.


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