Is it bad to be on Section 8?


No, it is not bad, and being a Section 8 tenant has great benefits for low-income renters! Having a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher means you were patient, organized, and qualified to be given a Housing Choice Voucher to help pay your monthly rent.

Is it bad for a farmer to take government subsidies, or for a developer to get tax breaks from the government to build new apartment buildings, or for a senior citizen to be on Medicare? Having a Section 8 voucher is similar to applying for these benefits.

Unfortunately, there are people who think it's bad to have a Section 8 voucher; but those people generally do not understand the positive effects a voucher can have for a low-income household. It's best to not let their criticisms hurt you.

Housing Choice Voucher participants can better their life by going back to school, striving for a promotion, or getting into other programs such as the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program, to get in a better financial position.

For example, one Housing Choice Voucher holder told Affordable Housing Online that she got into the FSS program, and with the program's help went through nursing school and became a Registered Nurse. She eventually was making so much money, she was no longer eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher program and instead, ended up getting a mortgage and bought herself a new home.

So no, it’s not bad to be on Section 8, and it actually can be really good for you.

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