How do I keep track of the waiting lists I'm on?


There are two easy ways to keep track of your waiting list applications:

  1. Create a spreadsheet using your computer software
  2. Create a hand written log

Your spreadsheet or log should be updated on a weekly basis, or as much as you can.

On your spreadsheet or log, make sure you keep the following information:

  • Name of Housing Authority or Property Management Company.
  • Phone contact and address information.
  • Type of program for which you applied.
  • Date application was requested by you and date you submitted.
  • Name of any PHA employee you spoke with or left a voice mail for and their phone and extension number.
  • What was told to you by the PHA employee and what date it was told to you.
  • Dates that you updated your application or contacted the PHA to find out where you were on the list.

Make sure you fully complete each application. Don’t forget any signature lines or dates.

Additional Tips:

If you are homeless, or don’t have a secure address, give a mailing address for a trusted relative or friend that you keep in close contact. Tell the contact person to let you know as soon as you receive any mail from the PHA or landlord. Same with a phone contact number. If you don’t have a dependable phone number, give the PHA or landlord, the number of someone that will quickly pass on a message to you.

When your name comes to the top of the list and you get a notice that a determination of eligibility will be completed, have all your documents ready. For instance, don’t make the PHA wait for thirty days to get a birth certificate because you don’t have it.

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