What are the regulations about having a Moving to Work voucher?

The Moving to Work voucher program is an ongoing HUD demonstration program that gives an enormous amount of policy flexibility to the 35 housing authorities across the country that are "testing" out the program.

The intent of the demonstration program is to find innovative ways to use housing assistance in a way that will increase financial sustainability for families with children while allowing the program to assist more people with the same level of funding.

Because it's a demonstration program, the "regulations" are not standardized and are set by each individual housing authority that's testing the program. They are still governed by other Federal laws and regulations like the Civil Rights Act, the Fair Housing Act and other regulations but the specific rules around how the housing voucher program is carried out is set by each housing agency.

You can imagine, given the programs name, there will be a requirement that you are actively working, seeking work or going through a training program that will better prepare you for work.

But to find out what the "regulations" are for a MTW voucher in your city (if the MTW demo program is available there), you must contact your local housing authority. You can search our website for housing authority contact information here.