What is the Moving To Work Program?

Moving to Work (MTW) is a demonstration program that allows Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) to design and trial locally focused housing and self-sustainability initiatives that increase housing choice for low-income households.

According to HUD, the Moving to Work demonstration has three statutory objectives:

  • Reduce cost and achieve greater costs effectiveness in Federal expenditures;
  • Give incentives to families with children where the head of household is working, is seeking work, or is preparing for work by participating in job training, educational programs, or programs that assist people to obtain employment and become economically self-sufficient; and
  • Increase housing choices for low-income families.

PHAs participating in the MTW program are exempt from may existing public housing and housing choice voucher rules though are still required to abide by protective laws established in the Civil Rights Act, the Fair Housing Act, and labor and environmental standards.