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The apartment listings on Affordable Housing Online show available rentals for those who are looking for low income housing in the United States. Get important details about affordable homes nationwide, including basic eligibility, number of bedrooms, contact information, and the type of housing assistance.

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Learn how to find affordable housing with no waiting lists.

Affordable Housing Guide

There are many affordable housing programs that reduce the cost of housing for low-income families. Learn about which housing programs can help you.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Guide

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit program is one of the most common types of affordable rental housing in the United States. Learn how to find and apply to LIHTC apartments.

Section 8 Voucher Guide

Learn how to apply for Section 8 vouchers and how to use them.

Learn About Housing Scams

Learn how to avoid housing scams and protect your information.

Affordable Housing Glossary

Learn the vocabulary of affordable housing and housing programs.

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Understand how Affordable Housing Online brings critical information to low-income households.

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