Area Housing Commission
1920 W Garden Street
Pensacola, Escambia County, FL


Public Housing Waiting List Statuses

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The Pensacola Housing Authority does not offer a public housing housing program.

Assisted Unit Distribution What is Housing Assistance?

The Area Housing Commission administers a public housing program. The housing authority owns and manages 4 projects which contain 603 affordable rental units.

According to HUD, Area Housing Commission is determined to be a Medium High public housing authority, meaning it manages between 500 - 1,249 public housing units.

Area Housing Commission is among the 20% of Florida housing authorities that only offer public housing. Section 8 assistance in its target area is administered by another nearby housing authority.

Source United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (, 2014)

Latest Public Housing Inspection Scores What are REAC Scores?

Every public housing project is inspected every one to three years by HUD.

Area Housing Commission manages 4 rental properties which, as of the last set of publicly available data, have an average inspection score of 87. The scores for properties managed by Area Housing Commission range from a high of 94 to a low of 78.

The highest scoring property in the Area Housing Commission portfolio is Gonzalez-replacement and the lowest scoring property is Attucks Court.

To be a passing score a public housing property must have a score of 60 or more. 100% of properties managed by Area Housing Commission have a passing score.

Source United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (, 2014)

Total Tenant Payment Percentages What is Total Tenant Payment?

Tenants in public housing pay rent based on their income. Generally, the Total Tenant Payment (TTP) is 30% of the tenant’s adjusted income. Area Housing Commission owns and manages 603 public housing units in 4 properties.

The Average Total Tenant Payment for Area Housing Commission is $225.00 compared to the state average of $278.00.

The Average Total Tenant Payment for the state of Florida ranges from a low of $193.00 to a high of $423.00.

Source Resident Characteristics Report (, 2013)

Housing Authority Annual and 5 Year Plans

Public housing agencies, also called public housing authorities, which receive funding from HUD, are required to submit and receive approval from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development of both an Annual Plan and a 5 Year Plan. These plans establish each housing authority’s policies, strategies, programs and operations for meeting the housing needs of persons within their target area.

The housing authority plans include specific details about the cost of renovations to real estate (also known as capital improvements), changes to Section 8 HCV policies, planned redevelopment of public housing projects and other major administrative changes.

Following are the HUD-approved public housing agency plans for Area Housing Commission.

Year Date Approved Plan PDF Document
2012 5/4/12 Plan
2011 6/21/11 Plan
2010 5/10/10 Plan
2009 3/28/09 Plan
2008 3/28/08 Plan
2007 2/21/07 Plan
2006 3/8/06 Plan
2005 3/2/05 Plan
2004 2/12/04 Plan
2003 2/13/03 Plan
2002 6/12/01 Plan
2001 6/12/01 Plan
2000 5/17/00 Plan

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