North Bend City/Coos-Curry Housing Authorities
1700 Monroe Street
North Bend, Coos County, OR


Public Housing Waiting List Status : Open

Affordable Housing Online is tracking the status of the North Bend City/Coos-Curry Housing Authorities Public Housing Waiting Lists. This is what we know as of our most recent update September 13th, 2016.

Please note: The North Bend City Housing Authority and Coos-Curry Housing Authority operate together as the North Bend City/Coos-Curry Housing Authorities. The North Bend City/Coos-Curry Housing Authorities cover the Counties of Coos and Curry, OR.

The North Bend City/Coos-Curry Housing Authorities (NBC/CCHA) are currently accepting Public Housing waiting list pre-applications for families and senior/disabled households.

The NBC/CCHA offer one community with 52 units in Coos-Curry and two communities with 108 units in North Bend.

To apply to North Bend City, download and print the pre-application online here

To apply to Coos-Curry, download and print the pre-application online here.

Once the application has been completed it can be mailed or hand delivered to the NBC/CCHA office, located at 1700 Monroe St., North Bend, OR 97459, during normal office hours.

There are no preferences.

For more information, visit the NBC/CCHA website, or call the office at (541) 756-4111.

Assisted Unit Distribution What is Housing Assistance?

The North Bend City/Coos-Curry Housing Authorities administers a public housing program. The housing authority owns and manages 2 projects which contain 108 affordable rental units.

According to HUD, North Bend City/Coos-Curry Housing Authorities is determined to be a Small public housing authority, meaning it manages between 50 - 249 public housing units.

North Bend City/Coos-Curry Housing Authorities is among the 5% of Oregon housing authorities that only offer public housing. Section 8 assistance in its target area is administered by another nearby housing authority.

Source United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (, 2014)

Housing Authority Annual and 5 Year Plans

Public housing agencies, also called public housing authorities, which receive funding from HUD, are required to submit and receive approval from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development of both an Annual Plan and a 5 Year Plan. These plans establish each housing authority’s policies, strategies, programs and operations for meeting the housing needs of persons within their target area.

The housing authority plans include specific details about the cost of renovations to real estate (also known as capital improvements), changes to Section 8 HCV policies, planned redevelopment of public housing projects and other major administrative changes.

Following are the HUD-approved public housing agency plans for North Bend City/Coos-Curry Housing Authorities.

Year Date Approved Plan PDF Document
2010 1/29/10 Plan
2009 12/12/08 Plan
2008 12/13/07 Plan
2007 12/7/06 Plan
2006 12/5/05 Plan
2005 1/7/05 Plan
2004 12/10/03 Plan
2003 1/2/03 Plan
2002 2/28/02 Plan
2001 2/12/01 Plan
2000 5/29/00 Plan