Washington a city in District of Columbia

This city is served by the District of Columbia Housing Authority

District of Columbia Housing Authority
Section 8 Waiting List Status: Closed

Affordable Housing Online is tracking the status of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List. This is what we know as of our most recent update on July 20th, 2015

The District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting list is currently closed. It was last open in April 2013, after a thorough public relations campaign to make sure all potential applicants had an opportunity to apply for the waiting list.  It is not known when the waiting list will reopen.

After that campaign, there were more than 72,000 households on the waiting list. As of May 2015, there are still more than 41,000 households on the waiting list, according to a post on the blog Poverty & Policy. As explained in the blog post, almost half of those still on the list identified as homeless.

Once the 2013 waiting list closed again, with just more than 14,000 vouchers available, there were more than five-times more families on the waiting list than the number of vouchers the DCHA could give out.

District of Columbia Housing Authority
Public Housing Waiting List Statuses

Family Senior Other

The District of Columbia public housing waiting list is currently closed.

Market Overview

Washington is a city in District of Columbia. The population of Washington, according to the 2010 Census, is 601,723. The total number of households in the city is 266,707. The average household size for Washington is 1.87. The total number of renter households in the city is 154,652 which means that 58% of households are renter households.

Washington’s Federally assisted affordable rental housing stock includes properties financed through the following programs:

Section 8 87 9,942
LIHTC 103 15,717
Section 202 20 1,293
Section 811 8 141
Public Housing 6
Total 190 27,626
Note: The total does not necessarily equal the sum of each program as some properties may participate in multiple funding programs.

The average number of units per property for affordable rentals in Washington is 145.40. The largest Federally assisted affordable rental community in the city is Wingate Towers And Garden Apartments at 714 units and the smallest is Chhi House Otis House at 6 unit(s). 40 apartment properties provide housing for seniors containing 4,180 units. Of the 27,626 units, units include some form of rental assistance (like Section 8) to make rent more affordable for very low income families.

Federally Assisted Units By Property

Name Total Units
Wingate Towers And Garden Apartments 714
Paradise Manor 653
Capitol Park Plaza 648
Mayfair Mansions 569
Fort Chaplin Park 549
Brookland Manor Aka Brentwood Village 535
Edmonston 470
Southview I &i II 410
Columbia Heights Village Apartments 406
Stanton-wellington Apartments Dba Forest Ridg 398
Worthington Woods Apartments 392
Stanton Glenn Apartments 378
C/o United Planning Organization 347
Parkside Terrace Apartments 316
Carver Terrace 312
Edgewood Terrace I 309
Fort. Lincoln Senior Village III 306
Museum Square One Apartments 302
Tyler House 284
Benning Park Terrace 281
Belmont Crossing Aka Jeffrey Garden 273
Parkway Overlook East 266
Meadowbrook Run 259
The Vista 258
Edgewood Terrace Section IV Aka The Vista 258
Orchard Park Village Aka Southview I/ii 257
Southern Hills Apartments 255
Shipley Park Apartments 249
Cavalier Apartments 233
Villages of Parklands-manor Village Apartments 230
Oxford Manor 226
Rockburne Estates 224
Gibson Plaza 217
Huntwood Courts 214
Congress Park II 214
Congress Park II 214
Fairmont I & II 205
Capitol Hill Towers 204
Huntington Village 204
Wdc-i 202
Hunter Pines East Apartments 202
The Parke 200
Sursum Corda Cooperative 199
Atlantic Terrace Ltd. C/o Winn Development C 196
Southern Hills Apartments 196
Fort Lincoln Senior Village I 187
Douglas Knoll Cooperative 185
Golden Rule Apartments 183
The Pentacle 182
Accessibuild I Henson Ridge Ufas 182
Wheeler Creek 180
Friendship Terrace Apartments 180
The Summit At Saint Martin's 178
Fort Lincoln Senior Village II 177
Woodmont Crossing 176
Ncba Estates 175
Lotus Square Apartments 172
Campbell Heights 170
Congress Park I 163
Congress Park I 163
Northwest Coop No 15 162
Capper Acc Townhomes-phase I 162
Burke Park 160
Washington Overlook 158
Henson Ridge I Frederick Douglass 157
Southern Ridge Apartments 156
Wah Luck House 153
Douglass Glen Gardens 152
Dhaka House 152
Wardman Court Apartments 152
Capitol Gateway Senior Estates 151
Elsinore Courtyards Apartments 151
Park Road Apartments 150
Delta Towers 150
Benning Heights 148
Asbury Dwellings 147
Northwest Cooperative No 17 145
St. Mary 140
400 M Street 138
Immaculate Conception 136
Friendship Court 136
Finsbury Square 134
Carmel Plaza North 133
R Street Apartments 130
Three Trees Flats Apartments 130
King Towers 129
King Towers 129
Parkchester Housing Coop 128
The View 127
Barnaby Manor Aka The Gregory 126
River Hill Cih Bolling View 126
Royal Courts 126
Savannah Ridge Apartments 125
Parcel Five Apartments 123
Lincoln Westmoreland II 122
Trinity Towers 122
Golden Rule Plaza 119
The Grays On Pennsylvania 118
Langston Lane 118
Jubilee Housing Phase I 118
Langston Lane 118
Wheeler Terrace Apartments 116
Faircliff Plaza West 112
Crescent Park Village 110
Stoneridge I 109
Lincoln Westmoreland I 108
Atlantic Gardens 108
St James Mutual Home 107
Aspen Courts 105
Carver Senior Apartments 104
Capitol Manor 102
Triangle View Senior Aka Eastgate Senior 101
The Green Valley Apartments 100
Savannah Heights Apartments 100
Franklin Commons 100
Fairlawn Marshall Aka Dudley Scattered Sites 98
Jasper 29t Apartments 98
Benning Courts 97
Allen House Apartments 96
S.o.m.e. Inc. 95
Carver Hall Apartments 95
Hanover Court 94
Parkchester Associates Apartments 94
Garfield Hills Apartments 94
N Street Village Inc. 94
Benning Road Apartments 86
Benning Road Housing Cooperative 86
Capital Gateway Single Family Rental 86
Galen Terrace 84
Galen Terrace 83
Faircliff Plaza East 80
Totten Towers Apartments 80
Faircliff Plaza East 80
Peak Pool-brookland Park Apartments 79
Peak Pool-petworth Station Apartments 78
Madison Court 78
The Olympia Euclid Street Lofts 77
Foster House 76
Victory Heights 75
J.w. King Seniors Ctr 74
Urban Village 72
Residences At Georgia Avenue 72
Robert L Walker House 69
North Capitol At Plymouth 69
Savannah Park Housing Ltd 64
Fort View Apartments 62
Sayles Place Homes Inc. 61
Hastings Development Corporation 60
Ivy City 60
Severna Apartments 60
Peak Pool-fort Stevens Hill Apartments 59
Colony House 58
Tel Court Cooperative * 56
Wayne Place Senior Living 56
Johnson Towers 55
Glenn Arms Apartments 55
Wesley House 52
Webster Gardens 52
Oak Street Apartments 51
Hedin House 48
Howard Hill 47
Stoneridge Apartments Sec II 46
Dupont Park Adventist Apartments 45
Upshur House Moore Tower 45
Ritch Homes 42
Casa Iris 40
Nbc Usa Housing Xxiv Inc. 40
Brookland Artspace Lofts 39
Stanton Park Apts.-gainesville 36
Manna Development Corp 35
Meridian Manor Apartments 35
St. Dennis Apartments 32
Morris Road 30
Longfellow Arms Apartments 30
Haven House 29
Walbraff Apartments 28
Beecher Cooperative * 26
Stanton Park Apts.-wagner 26
Deaf Reach 25
Covington Apartments 21
Sunflower House 21
Christopher Price House Aka Belmont Apartment 20
Kenyon Apartments 18
W Street Apartments 18
1030 17
1474 Chapin Street Nw 15
1728 W Street Se 15
Kennedy Institute 15
Terrific Inc 14
Riley-cheeks House 13
The Gilbertson Haass House 13
Chastleton Apartments 12
Green Door 10
Anchor Housing 9
54th Street Housing 8
Marigold Place 7
Chhi House Otis House 6
Woodley House 6
† This Property is Federally Assisted though Unit Counts are not available from HUD.

Rental Assistance for Tenants in Washington

Rental assistance is a type of housing subsidy that pays for a portion of a renter’s monthly housing costs, including rent and tenant paid utilities. This housing assistance can come in the form of Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, project-based Section 8 contracts, public housing, USDA Rental Assistance (in Section 515 properties) as well as HUD Section 202 and 811 properties.

In Washington, there are 108 affordable housing properties providing rental assistance to very low income households. In addition, District of Columbia Housing Authority provides 14,143 Section 8 rental vouchers in Washington and the surrounding area.

To qualify for most rental assistance programs a renter must earn no more than 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI). In some cases, rental assistance is reserved for renters earning 30% or less of the AMI. In Washington, to qualify for Section 8 assistance, a renter household containing four persons must earn $0 or less. For some targeted rental assistance programs, a renter household of four can’t earn more than $0.

It’s important to remember that in many rental assistance programs there are minimum rent regulations requiring assistance recipients to make a minimum payment of between $25 and $50 per month no matter how low their income.

HUD Assistance Income Limits


Income Limits

All affordable housing programs provided by or through the government have maximum income limits to qualify for assistance. These income limits are typically derived from the Area Median Income (AMI), the theoretical family income of the average household in a given geography.

The AMI is updated each year for each geographical area taking into consideration numerous economic indicators. The geographical areas used for establishing the AMI are either Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA’s) or counties.

Washington is in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV MSA. The 2015 Area Median Income for a family of four in Washington is $0.

The income limits used for Section 8, public housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credits. the HOME program and other Federal programs all are derived from the HUD defined AMI.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Income Limits





Average Household Size


Total Renters


Renter Households


Total Households

High Renter
(97th percentile)

Renters or Owners


% of Renter Households


Federally Assisted Units


Federally Assisted Projects


Tax Credit Projects/Units


Section 8 Projects/Units


Section 202 Projects/Units


Section 811 Projects/Units


Senior Projects/Units


Average Units Per Property


Renters with No Vehicle


Renters Below Poverty Level


Renters Who Taxi, Bike, or Walk to Work


Renters Who Use Public Transit to Work