How the Government Shutdown Affected Public Housing Authorities

The federal government shutdown over the weekend caused many US federal offices to be closed today. However, the shutdown did not affect most participants the housing programs offered by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

At the local level, Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) should have been open and doing business as usual. We reached out to multiple PHAs this morning to confirm this. Also, rental assistance payments made by the housing authority were not interrupted as a result of the shutdown.

HUD also operates other federal administrative offices that were affected differently than PHAs. Most federal employees of these offices were required to stop working, but each individual office has a different operating plan in the event of a government shutdown. The closing of these offices generally only affected persons who are involved in a housing complaint. The employees who do not work during the shutdown would not be able to communicate with the public until the government is in operation again.

As of January 22, 2018, the government has only agreed to reopen until February 8. So in case the government is shut down again in a few weeks, we’re in process of writing a recap explaining exactly how other HUD offices would be affected, and what it would mean for current tenants and persons on waiting lists.

In the meantime, interested persons can read HUD’s annual Contingency Plan that details how each individual office would operate during a government shutdown.