Photo of multi-generational family talking over Thanksgiving dinner - Photo by Adobe Stock

How to get assistance for a Thanksgiving meal in 2023

Photo of multi-generational family talking over Thanksgiving dinner - Photo by Adobe Stock

Updated November, 2023

At Affordable Housing Online, helping renters in need isn’t just a Thanksgiving effort; it’s a year-round commitment.

During the holiday season, help for renters living in low-income housing can be even more of a hassle than usual due to inflation.

In recent years, many housing authorities and local organizations have gotten creative with their approach to help the communities around them by offering special services for those in need. This commitment to low-income residents continues into this holiday season, as well.

Some of the ways that these organizations are helping around Thanksgiving this year include:

• Delivery of food items
• Drive-through meal services
• Scheduled pick up of meals
• Thanksgiving in a box

Here are ways that renters in low-income housing can get assistance for a Thanksgiving meal:

  1. Search for local help online.

    The easiest first step to take is to search for Thanksgiving assistance in your area online. For example, if you live in New York City, type ‘Thanksgiving assistance in New York, NY’ in the search bar. The search results should have links to local services.

    Some of the types of local organizations that may be planning services for low-income households during Thanksgiving include:

    • Food pantries
    • Charities
    • Religious organizations
    • Meals on Wheels
    • Shelters
    • Masons, Lions and similar community organizations

    If you can’t find any help on your own, another way to get help is by finding local organizations that have food programs.

  2. Contact a local food bank.

    A website called Feeding America has a network of food banks and other food programs across the country.

    Use Feeding America’s search tool to find food assistance by zip code. A website, address, and phone number is provided for each location.

    In case a Feeding America food program cannot be found, there may be other food programs for residents of a HUD housing authority. These services, however, are only available to the general public.

  3. Contact a HUD housing authority.

    If you are a housing authority tenant, contact the office to find out if there are any Thanksgiving services available.

    Some examples of Thanksgiving events that have been organized by housing authorities in the past include:

    • Giving Thanksgiving boxes distributed to residents.
    • Throwing a Thanksgiving luncheon with on-site food distribution to residents.
    • Having Thanksgiving dinner with residents on the property.

    Housing authority residents can visit the agency’s website, or call for information. Go to this directory to find housing authority website and contact information.

From all of us here at Affordable Housing Online, we are thankful for our visitors each and every day, and we aim to continue to help improve our efforts helping renters in need.

Stay thankful and safe this holiday season.