Affordable Housing Online launches new and improved site!

From Founder and CEO Dave Layfield,

Today, I’m excited to announce that Affordable Housing Online has launched a completely redesigned website that makes it easier for renters to find an affordable home!

On our new site, renters will experience faster load times and easier searches for housing in their area. Over the last year, our team has packed these pages with new features — including maps, more detailed housing searches, waiting list forecasts, and more.

It’s been eight years since our last redesign, and our team has put in a lot of work to improve our website to give renters plenty of new tools and resources while searching for their next home.

You will notice many improvements and additions to the site, including:

  • Better navigation
  • More detailed housing searches
  • Informative apartment listings
  • More affordable housing properties than ever before
  • A map of properties for every city and county
  • Waiting list forecasts for most properties
  • New guides and FAQs
  • Housing wage rates for every city and county in the U.S.
  • A new page to get to know our dedicated staff
  • And much, much more

Our new city and county pages feature an interactive map showing every affordable housing property in the area. They have lots of information about the amount of affordable housing in that area, and the renters who live there. And we’ve also included cost comparisons to other cities in the same state, and similar cities around the country.

Screenshot of Affordable Housing Online's new city and county pages, which now feature map navigation!

We’ve also added “Dave’s Thoughts” as a new feature to every apartment page. For each apartment, I draw on my 30+ years of affordable housing experience to provide helpful tips and observations for low-income renters who are considering applying.

Affordable Housing Online’s news feed will also continue to bring you the latest waiting list openings around the country for HUD housing programs, including Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers and Public Housing. Our team continues to be the breaking news source of this information nationwide.

In addition, Affordable Housing Online will continue posting monthly, quarterly and annual reviews of Section 8 waiting list trends across the country. This information is important to researchers and policymakers, and is also helpful for low-income renters looking for affordable housing.

Every housing opportunity on Affordable Housing Online is verified by team of housing experts. We gather and report housing information that is not available anywhere else on a national scale. We are committed to helping renters as possible find the housing assistance they need.

Check out our new site for yourself!