Offer to Negotiate

  1. Know your rights
  2. Get legal advice
  3. Find rental assistance

You may be able to avoid eviction by reaching an agreement with your landlord to pay back rent.

But before you approach your landlord to negotiate, be prepared. Here are some suggestions:

Part 1: Know your rights

It’s important to know exactly what is required of both landlords and tenants during the eviction process. Understanding your tenant rights especially helps if negotiations fail, and your landlord decides to go forward with an eviction.

A summary of eviction laws in every state and territory can be found on the Legal Services Corporation website here.

A list of state-by-state Tenant Rights resources can be found on HUD’s website here.

Part 3: Find rental assistance

There are government and social services that could help you pay your back rent. Before you start the negotiations, apply for all that is available to you. Keep proof of your applications, and tell your landlord you have applications in for these programs. 

Find emergency rental assistance in your state on the U.S. Department of Treasury webpage here.

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