How To Request an Informal Hearing

If you don’t agree with the Public Housing Agency’s explanation for terminating or changing your voucher, you can request an Informal Hearing.

PHAs have their own rules on how to request an Informal Hearing. When the PHA sends out a termination notice or a notice of an adverse action, the instructions on how to request an Informal Hearing must also be sent to the participant. Carefully read those instructions and follow them.

You can also request access to the PHA’s Administrative Plan. This is where you will find the rules and procedures for the Housing Choice Voucher program. Closely review the Administrative Plan’s section on changes and terminations, Informal Hearings and time limits for reporting changes.

Part 1: General Suggestions

  • Request the Informal Hearing in writing, and make copies of all documentation for yourself.
  • Send your request to the PHA within the time limit. If your request arrives late and the designated time limit has passed, the PHA is not required to arrange for an Informal Hearing.
  • After you send the request for the Informal Haring, follow up with your caseworker to make sure they received the request.

Part 2: Sample Letter

If you have to write a letter requesting an Informal Hearing for termination or a change, here is a sample letter:

[Name of Public Housing Agency]
Attn: Section 8 Caseworker, [Your caseworker’s name]
From: [Your full name]
Address: [Your address]
Phone Number: [Your phone number]
Alternate Phone Number: [An alternate phone number where you can be reached]
Date: [Today’s date]

I, [Your full name], request an Informal Hearing regarding the termination (or change) made to my voucher.

My available time for the Informal Hearing is [Your time of availability].

Signed: [Your full signature]

Date: [Today’s date]