What If I'm Denied?

Contact the Public Housing Agency that denied your application to request an Informal Review.

An Informal Review is a hearing process for applicants who have been denied admission into the Housing Choice Voucher program. 

PHAs must deny admission to the HCV program for the following reasons:

  • A household has been evicted from HUD or federally assisted housing within a certain amount of years (usually 3-5) for drug related criminal activity. Individual PHAs can make this time limit even longer if they want. PHAs are allowed to establish stricter policies as long as they don’t violate civil rights laws.
  • An applicant or household member has been convicted of the manufacture of methamphetamine on the premises of HUD or other federally assisted housing.
  • Any of the applicant’s household members are registered as a lifetime sex offender. The PHA is required to check the national registry for every adult in the household.
  • The applicant’s income is over the income limits for the PHA’s jurisdiction.

Other reasons a PHA may deny an applicant admission to the HCV program are as follows:

  • The household has violated program obligations
    • Example: If the PHA repeatedly asked the applicant for proof of citizenship, and the applicant would not submit the required proof of citizenship, the PHA would issue a denial.
  • Any household member has been evicted from federally assisted housing within the past five years for any reason.
  • Any PHA has terminated assistance for any household member under the Housing Choice Voucher program.