How Do I Find an Open Section 8 Waiting List?

  1. Visit Affordable Housing Online.
  2. Search for your area on Affordable Housing Online.
  3. Sign up to Affordable Housing Online’s email alerts.
  4. Contact a housing authority

Waiting lists are operated by the Public Housing Agency (or housing authority) that manages the Section 8 HCV program. Sometimes a local agency will partner with a housing authority, and operate the HCV program and its waiting list on behalf of the housing authority.

You can only apply to a waiting list if it's open for application submissions. Housing authorities open and close waiting lists for application submissions periodically. A waiting list may be open for a single day, or for several years. Usually, waiting lists are open for more than one day.

    Option 1: Visit Affordable Housing Online.

    Option 3: Sign up to Affordable Housing Online’s email alerts.

    You can sign up to receive waiting list alerts by email here.

    Option 4: Contact a housing authority

    Housing authorities are required by HUD to release a public notice announcing the waiting list opening. It's beneficial to know how announcements are made, especially if there's no website to visit. Contact a housing authority, or visit its website to find out how it announces waiting list openings.

    You can find a directory of housing authority contact information here.