How Do I Apply to a Section 811 Housing for Persons with Disabilities Waiting List?

  1. Obtain the application.
  2. Complete the application.
  3. Submit the application.

Important notes:

  • Applications must be submitted to the apartment's property management company.
  • There must be an open waiting list, or immediate availability to apply.

Step 1: Obtain the application.

  • After finding a Section 811 apartment in your area, select the green "Contact" button and either:
    • Select "Send a Message"
    • Call the listed phone number.
  • Applications are usually available online, by mail, or in the housing authority's office. The application must be obtained per the housing office’s instructions. For example, if the application must be completed online only, paper applications will not be available.
    • Reasonable Accommodation. The only exception to this rule is if a disabled applicant requires a reasonable accommodation to apply. Besides reasonable accommodations, if an applicant cannot complete the application on their own, they may have another person (like a social worker) complete the application on their behalf.
    • Online applications.
      • If the application is online, and an applicant does not have access to the Internet, they can use a friend or family member's computer/device, or one at a local library.
      • Online applications may require the applicant to create a free account through an online portal, and/or have a valid email address. If you do not have an email address, you can create one for free through providers such as Google. Keep your email account information in a safe, easy to access place.
  • It is against HUD policy to charge a fee for a Section 811 application.

Step 2: Complete the application.

  • Some Section 811 applications are only one page, while others have multiple pages.
  • The application is usually multiple pages and will ask for:
    • Household information (including name, gender, date of birth, and Social Security Number, income and assets).
    • Previous housing history.
    • Employment and income information.
  • Complete the application per the property manager’s instructions.
    • It may be required for the entire application or specific sections to be filled out, or it will be rejected.
    • Some property managers will return the application and require you to complete the missing information, but others will terminate the application.

Step 3: Submit the application.

  • The application must be submitted per the housing office’s instructions, or it will be disqualified.
    • For example, if the application can only be submitted online, paper applications will be rejected. Or, if the application can only be submitted in person, mailed applications will be rejected.