$3,047,951: HOME Impact on Springfield, Illinois 1996-2016

Note: The data used to compile this list does not include the year the project was funded but the year project was completed. The data for this table is available through egis-hud.opendata.argis.com.

Completion YearGranteeProject NameAddressTotal UnitsHOME UnitsFunding Amount
1994SpringfieldSTREDER HRR 93-041829 E Cedar St22$15,000.00
1994SpringfieldSUNLEY HRR 93-03620 N 2nd St11$24,000.00
1994SpringfieldPETEFISH HRR 93-021929 E Stuart St11$15,000.00
1994SpringfieldFOSTER HRR 93-01802 N 9th St66$15,000.00
1994SpringfieldSUNLEY HRR 93-05900 N 12th St22$30,000.00
1995SpringfieldSPRINGER HRR 94-01621 N 5th St88$30,000.00
1998SpringfieldSUL CHDO 95-02519 S 12th St11$52,544.44
1998SpringfieldSUL CHDO 95-011217 E Jackson St11$40,647.86
1998SpringfieldSUL CHDO 95-031211 E Jackson St11$26,424.72
1999SpringfieldSHA-101133 N Park Ave22$27,777.78
1999SpringfieldSHA-09545 W Allen St22$27,777.78
1999SpringfieldSHA-083430 Gaines Mill Rd44$55,555.56
1999SpringfieldSHA-07920 N Indiana Ave22$27,777.78
1999SpringfieldSHA-06630 W Herndon St22$27,777.78
1999SpringfieldSHA-051017 S College St22$27,777.78
1999SpringfieldSHA-041401 Winch Ln88$111,111.10
1999SpringfieldSHA-033021 Biscayne Dr22$27,777.78
1999SpringfieldSHA-022841 Stanton St88$111,111.10
1999SpringfieldSHA-011032 Marco Ln44$55,555.56
1999SpringfieldSUNLEY RENTAL REHAB1115 S 13th St11$19,000.00
1999SpringfieldJOHN & MICHAEL SUNLEY REHAB1515 S Grand Ave E11$25,000.00
2007SpringfieldJORDAN1212 E Stuart St11$37,645.00
2008SpringfieldNEHEMIAH AFFORDABLE HOUSING LP2036 E Clay St2020$240,000.00
2008SpringfieldFIFTHE STREET RENAISSANCE1315 N 5th St88$42,000.00
2009SpringfieldWILSON2011 E Spruce St11$14,202.50
2009SpringfieldWILSON1610 E Reynolds St11$25,000.00
2009SpringfieldLECKRONE1167 N 4th St22$9,455.00
2009SpringfieldHANNEY1921 E Edwards St11$41,277.00
2009SpringfieldSUL-CDC1606 E Edwards St11$11,629.20
2010IllinoisCOOK STREET RENAISSANCE MHR-100112224 E Cook St1919$459,125.00
2011Illinois Housing Development AuthorityNehemiah Homes II 10052_ERP02132133 E Lawrence Ave3030$1,000,000.00
2012SpringfieldNehemiah Expansion, Inc,2133 E Lawrence Ave3030$300,000.00
2013SpringfieldHope Springs Apartments1135 N 9th St3636$75,000.00