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Alpena Housing Commission

2340 S 4th Street
Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan 49707

Alpena Housing Commission is a housing authority that participates in the Public Housing program. As of January 26th, 2021, Alpena Housing Commission has 1 waiting lists that are open now or opening soon.

Alpena Housing Commission serves Alpena.

Waiting List Statuses
Waiting List Status
Alpena Housing Commission Public Housing Open Until Further Notice

Open Alpena Housing Commission Waiting Lists

Due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, some waiting list openings may be postponed until further notice. Visit the housing authority's website for the latest on its current operations, if one is available. If there is no information online, contact the housing authority directly. Due to a high volume of calls and modified office hours in most areas, it may take days or weeks to get a response.

Alpena Housing Commission Phone: (989) 354-3567.

Open Until Further Notice: Public Housing Waiting List

Please Note: Due to the decentralized nature of affordable housing information, the information about this waiting list may be out of date.

How To Apply to the Public Housing Waiting List

The Alpena Housing Commission is currently accepting public housing waiting list applications for families and senior/disabled individuals.

This Housing Commission has four communities available for public housing, located throughout Alpena:

James C. Copping is a 48 unit community with 1-4 bedrooms for families and elderly/disabled individuals.
Herbert Kurrasch Apartments is a 24 unit family community with 3-5 bedrooms.
Riverview Apartments is a 72 unit community dedicated to elderly/disabled individuals.
Albert C. Fowler Apartments is a 51 unit senior/disabled community with 50 one bedrooms and 1 two bedroom.

To apply for public housing you can visit the City website to print and complete the application, you can also have one mailed to you by calling 1-989-354-3567, during normal office hours, or by stopping by their office to pick one up, they are located at 2340 S. Fourth Ave., Alpena, MI 49707, during normal office hours.

Once you have completed the application, it can be mailed or hand delivered to the above address. Be sure your application is completely filled out or it will be returned. Also, be sure to include copies of birth certificates, social security cards, proof of income, and photo IDs for all adult household members, when returning your application.

This Housing Commission lists the following preferences that may improve your spot on the waiting list as: homeless, victims of domestic violence, in forclosure, and local residents.

For more information the Housing Commission can be reached by calling 1-989-354-3567, during normal office hours.

Reasonable Accommodation

Applicants who need help completing the application due to disability can make a reasonable accommodation request to the housing authority via (989)354-3567.

Next Steps

Learn more about what happens after the application is submitted.

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About Alpena Housing Commission

Representatives of Alpena Housing Commission may be available by phone at (989) 354-3567. Unless otherwise noted above, applications will not be provided or accepted by phone.

HCV Portability Status

Alpena Housing Commission does not participate in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, so voucher holders cannot port to this housing authority. Learn more about porting Housing Choice Vouchers to a new area here.

Public Housing Apartments Operated by Alpena Housing Commission

Riverview Apartments

315 River St
Alpena, Michigan