Storke Ranch Family Apartments

6806 Phelps Rd, Goleta, CA 93117

Waiting List Forecast: Likely Short or None

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Rent Beds Baths SqFt
Call for Rents 2 - 3 Beds 1 Bath -
check_circle  Accepts Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV)
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Waitlist Forecast

Since this property is a LIHTC property that might not have a project based rental assistance contract, it is likely that it either has no waiting list or the waiting list is shorter than properties with rental assistance. You should contact the property to verify.

Note: Affordable Housing Online has not confirmed the waiting list status directly with the property. This waiting list status forecast is based on our housing experts' knowledge of similar properties. You should always confirm this status directly with the property.

The 36 affordable family rental units are part of the Storke Ranch Master Planned Community, which offers extensive open space and recreational facilities, including tennis courts and swimming pools.

Purchased in 1999, the development features a community building with kitchen area and laundry facilities. It also provides space for after school activities, educational, and social services programs.

The computer learning center, which tutors children and adults to become computer literate, was named to honor Lisa Capps, late daughter of Congresswoman Lois Capps.

Dave's Thoughts On Storke Ranch Family Apartments

This LIHTC property is among the most common types of affordable rental housing in the United States. The LIHTC program only provides subsidies to the building’s owner at construction. No subsidies are provided directly to the residents, but the owner must set rents affordable to low-income renters in the area. Our data suggests Storke Ranch Family Apartments does not participate in any project-based rent subsidy program. This means you must earn enough to pay the full rent or have your own Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher. For that reason, LIHTC properties tend to have shorter waiting lists or even none at all. LIHTC properties nationwide are required to accept housing vouchers. LIHTC properties were first built in the late 1980's. Because they tend to be newer, these properties are more likely to have larger units, more amenities, and greater tenant service offerings than other affordable housing programs. This property might be right for you if you have a housing voucher or enough income to pay rent, are looking for a high quality property, or need immediate availability. Since this property participates in the LIHTC program, the property is required to accept Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. Since the property also utilizes a FHA insured private mortgage, the property is subject to Federal physical condition requirements and REAC inspections. As a LIHTC property that chose the 40/60 election, this property has agreed to set aside at least 40% of its units for families and individuals earning 60% of Area Median Income (AMI). Many properties have actually set aside more units than required by law, and in many cases all of the units at these properties are affordable to renters with lower incomes.

Dave, Founder AHO

~ Dave Layfield, Founder of Affordable Housing Online

Storke Ranch Family Apartments Amenities

  • Tennis Court
  • Community Room
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Computer Room
  • Community Swimming Pool
  • Computer Teacher
  • Community Kitchen

Units at Storke Ranch Family Apartments

Unit (Bd/Ba) Ft2 Rent
2 Bedroom (2/1) - Call for Price
3 Bedroom (3/1) - Call for Price

Income Qualification for Storke Ranch Family Apartments

*AMI: Area Median Income. Renters qualify for different housing programs if their income is below a specified percentage of AMI.
AMI* 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people
50% AMI for LIHTC Units $51,800 / year $59,200 / year $66,600 / year $73,950 / year $79,900 / year $85,800 / year
50% AMI for PBRA Units $51,800 / year $59,200 / year $66,600 / year $73,950 / year $79,900 / year $85,800 / year
60% AMI for LIHTC Units $62,160 / year $71,040 / year $79,920 / year $88,740 / year $95,880 / year $102,960 / year

*AMI: Area Median Income. Renters qualify for different housing programs if their income is below a specified percentage of AMI.

FAQs for Storke Ranch Family Apartments

Does Storke Ranch Family Apartments have a waiting list?

Storke Ranch Family Apartments probably doesn't have a waiting list, and, if it does, the wait times are most likely short. We haven't confirmed if this is the case, so you should contact the property to confirm.

Are rents subsidized at Storke Ranch Family Apartments?

We believe rents are most likely NOT subsidized at any of the units at this property since our research has not discovered any public housing or rental assistance contracts associated with this property. This means you will most likely have to pay the full rent no matter your income. Note: In some rare instances, some properties may have a small number of units subsidized through state or private programs.

In addition to Storke Ranch Family Apartments, how many other affordable housing properties (and units) are there in Goleta?

In addition to Storke Ranch Family Apartments, we list 11 other affordable properties in Goleta. Learn about these properties here. Our data research shows that there are a total of 411 affordable units in Goleta.

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Rent observations may change. We encourage users to verify rents and eligiblity requirements directly with the property.