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A Community of Low Income Renters engages with more than 1 million low income renters a month. 73% of our nationwide audience makes less than $50,000 a year.

Free. Forever. No Catch.

We have been charging up to $400 per year per property to market to our renters. We are now giving these valuable ads away for free to any property which is affordable.

There is no catch. We can do this because our display advertising revenue has grown so large, we don’t need to charge affordable rental housing properties.

Premium Features

Along with access to our qualified audience, your free advertisement will benefit from a suite of premium features available 24/7. Customized ads include:

  • Unlimited Images
  • Marketing Description
  • Unit and Rent Tables
  • Amenities
  • Waiting List Status
  • Listing Management System
  • Email and Telephone Lead Tracking
  • We educate renters on how your community’s affordable housing programs can help them.

Affordable Fair Housing Marketing Certificate Requirement

With 48% minority usership you will be targeting those least likely to apply. Each ad comes with an Affordable Fair Housing Marketing Certificate for your AFHM Plan. The certificate we provide includes the socio-economic demographic breakdown of our audience.

Testimonial: The Provident Companies have used ApartmentSmart as an advertising means since 2006. Our apartment locations are receiving weekly calls from interested applicants who have seen our listings on line. The number of calls received per month has continued to grow since we began the initial listing. The ApartmentSmart staff work closely with us to develop and update listings that provide maximum exposure and information on the benefits of each individual apartment complex location. -Bill Shumaker

Testimonial: TM Associates Management have participated in the ApartmentSmart rental program for two years and find this to be a great source of inquiries from persons looking for “affordable housing.” We obtain better quality leads leading to a higher closing rate than those obtained through newspaper advertising. -Lester Severe and

From the most complete and up-to-date information on Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing waiting lists, to our database of affordable housing communities, low-income renters know as the authority on affordable housing information.

Because we want your ads to benefit from this reputation, they will be featured on exclusively. is a web service provided by

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