Introducing: Dave's Thoughts

By Nathan Brunet on February 22nd, 2024

New Website Feature Banner Image

While you look at all of the different affordable apartment options in your area, we understand that it can take some time to sort through the best opportunities for you.

In our continued effort to help save time on your housing search, we added a new feature this year called "Dave's Thoughts" on every rental property listing in the country.

That's right — every affordable property on Affordable Housing Online, no matter where it's located, has a personalized summary about the expected rent, waiting list, condition, and more helpful information from our Founder and CEO David Layfield.

On any affordable apartment page on Affordable Housing Online, scroll down until you reach a green section with "Dave's Thoughts" in the title. It will look like this:

Screenshot of an Affordable Housing Online apartment page, giving an example of our new "Dave's Thoughts" feature.

Check out "Dave's Thoughts" today to help you decide an affordable property in your area is right for you: