Trump-Carson Housing Budget Cut Estimator

On May 23, 2017, the White House released its FY18 budget. The budget includes steep cuts in funding for affordable housing programs, totaling $6.8225 billion in cuts FY17 funding levels.

ProgramFY17Trump$ Cut% Cut
CDBG$3.060 B$0$3.060 B100%
HOME$0.950 B$0$0.950 B100%
Pub. Housing Op. FundPublic Housing Operating Fund$4.400 B$3.900 B$0.500 B11.36%
Pub. Housing Cap. FundPublic Housing Capital Fund$1.9415 B$0.6280 B$1.3135 B67.65%
Housing Choice Vouchers$20.292 B$19.3179 B$0.9741 B4.80%
Section 811$0.1462 B$0.1213 B$0.0249 B17.03%
Total$30.7897 B$23.9672 B$6.8225 B22.16%
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Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)


Funded at $3.060 billion in FY17 and used for a variety of community development projects ranging from streetscape projects to Meals on Wheels programs, the CDBG program would be eliminated completely by the Trump/Carson Administration.

Communities across America stand to lose $3,060,000,000 per year in funding.

HOME Investment Partnerships Program


Used to fund many affordable housing related activities like homeownership and rental housing development, the HOME program would be eliminated completely by the Administration.

Public Housing Operating Fund

 1,200,000 Families

Funded at $4.4 billion in FY17 and used to subsidize the rent of all 1.2 million families living in Public Housing, the Operating Fund will be cut by $500 million (11.3%).

Public Housing Capital Fund

 1,200,000 Units

Funded at $1.9415 billion in FY17 and used to fund repairs at Public Housing properties, the Capital Fund would be cut by $1.3135 billion (67.65%), reducing funds available for repairs at all 1.2 million rental units.

Housing Choice Voucher

 256,900 Families

Funded at $20.292 billion in FY17 the Housing Choice Voucher program would be cut by $.974 billion in FY18 to $19.3179 billion.However, FY18 funding to renew vouchers that are already in use is only funded at $17.584 billion. Based on recently released HUD inflationary factors and an estimate of the number of new vouchers to be issued through 2017, FY18 funding would need to be $19.88 billion to renew all existing vouchers. The FY18 budget effectively cuts Housing Choice Voucher funding by $2.296 billion or 11.55%. This would eliminate 256,900 vouchers without significant changes to policy.

Section 811 Housing for Persons with Disabilities


Funded at $146.2 million in FY17, the Section 811 program would be cut by $24.9 million (17.03%) according to the White House budget. The program is used to subsidize the rent of affordable housing for Persons with Disabilities across America.

Estimates on this page are based on the FY18 White House Budget and HUD data sets.

Direct sources and source changes are available on the FY18 HUD Budget Cut Estimator Change Log, Sources, and Methodology page.