After a Disaster

Step 1: Keep in contact with your local housing authority or landlord.

Make sure you have the contact information for your housing authority, landlord, property management company, property manager or case worker so you can keep in touch during and after the disaster.

Your housing authority or landlord may already have a system set up for residents to check in after the disaster has occurred. Even if your housing provider does not have this service, send them a message by phone or email. If you have to leave a voicemail message, do so. The housing authority is likely to receive a large volume of messages from residents, so only send multiple messages if there is new information, and be patient in receiving a response.

Step 2: Only return to your home once any evacuation notices have been lifted.

If your home sustained damages in the disaster, take pictures of the unit after the disaster. Keep this proof for FEMA, insurance agencies, your landlord, your housing authority and other organizations.