What Happens Before the Informal Hearing

Part 1: Notification

The Public Housing Agency will send you a notice telling you when, where and how the Informal hearing will be conducted. If the time or date is not convenient for you, contact the PHA immediately and let them know.

Many PHAs are now conducting Informal Hearings using online platforms like Zoom or Skype. However, if you do not own or have access to the appropriate electronic devices to use Zoom or Skype, the Informal Hearing might have to be postponed or conducted in-person. 

In a Public and Indian Housing Notice issued to all PHAs in December, 2020, HUD stated the following:

“If the participant does not have proper technology access which will allow the individual to fully participate, then the remote hearing or remote briefing should be postponed, or an in-person alternative must be provided.”

Part 2: Discovery

Other than sending you a notification telling you when and where the Informal Hearing will be held, the Public Housing Agency must send to you or allow for you to come into their office and make copies of the documents they plan to present as evidence at the Informal Hearing. If they fail to do this, their evidence may not be presented at the Hearing.

The PHA will ask to review or copy any written documentation you plan to present at the Informal Hearing, and you must get it to them in the requested time limit or you won’t be able to present the documents as evidence in the Informal Hearing.